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How Quality Management Works for the Cannabis Industry

April 2, 2020 by Bryant Headley

The cannabis industry is in a nearly constant state of flux. Dealing with regulations on the state and federal level amidst a changing environment puts these companies in a difficult position. Whether we’re talking about hemp, cannabidiol (CBD) or recreational marijuana, things in cannabis are complicated right now.

The 2018 Farm Bill might’ve added a bit of legitimacy to some cannabis companies, but the industry is having a hard time shedding a negative image. This is especially difficult in light of the recent vaping crisis. How do companies avoid similar problems in the future while preparing for regulations? Quality.

Most life sciences industries are regulated with the intent to protect consumers. And even though one cannot predict how the industry will be regulated, cannabis companies can learn a lot by looking at other regulated industries. For example, current good manufacturing practices (CGMPs) will probably come in to play and companies selling edibles will have to follow food manufacturing regulations. In all cases, following regulations requires stringent quality management, something companies can adopt and adapt even as the specifics remain unknown.

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