Manufacturing Excellence: Fully Digitize Your Production Environment to Drive Smart Manufacturing

March 12, 2020

Description: Every transformation has gaps. The transformation to fully digital, smart manufacturing is no exception. When manufacturers continue to use manual, paper-based processes for their production records human errors and poor data integrity create ‘digital gaps’ that cascade throughout the production process – slowing things down, driving up costs and increasing risk.

Discover how you can quickly and cost-effectively close the digital gap between existing manufacturing systems, equipment and the workforce that drives production. We will discuss how digitizing the manufacturing floor frees workers from repetitive tasks, improves data integrity and allows more time for process improvement.

Adam Sybrowsky discusses new technologies available today that will:

1. Digitize Production Records
2. Digitize Work Instructions and SOPs
3. Digitize and Address In-Line Quality Events
4. Provide Digital Operator Training

Additional Resources

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