Closing the Digital Manufacturing Gap : A Holistic View of Data

June 4, 2020

No Paper, Fewer Errors: Improve Your Manufacturing Through Digitization

If your organization still relies on paper-based or manual processes in your manufacturing operations, that can lead to serious quality issues. Watch the webinar to see how a seamless, digital connection throughout manufacturing can elevate your data quality and integrity.

As life sciences manufacturers invest in factory automation and digitization, their efforts are too often impeded by critical production and quality processes that remain paper based – leaving a digital gap. Many companies live with this gap because they believe it takes too long to implement a new, digital production system and adjust to new processes.

This exclusive webinar will explore how a configurable and lightweight application that is fast to implement and deliver results can effectively close this digital gap. Digitization on the shop floor can quickly create productive connections between systems, processes and people – for a holistic view of data that helps accelerate production and ensure regulatory compliance.

MasterControl Senior VP of Strategic Growth Brian Curran and Product Manager Katie Farley will discuss how using digital technology to quickly assemble production records and manage data in critical parts of the production life cycle can provide major productivity and quality/compliance improvements.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why life sciences manufacturers must close the digital gap that often exists on shop floors.
  • The value of configurability in implementing a digital system and adjusting to new processes.
  • How a digital production record system enforces quality controls without slowing production.
  • The power of digital connectivity in enabling greater visibility into production and quality data.
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