The Business Case for Moving to the Cloud

November 15, 2019


Better Performance, Security Is Possible in the Cloud

The cloud is an important part of the business strategy for many life sciences companies because of its accessible, secure, and efficient nature. If your company is considering a move to the cloud or still needs convincing why it's important to staying competitive, read the business case above.

Executive Summary:

According to Garner Research, by 2019, over 75% of Life Science R&D IT organizations will adopt cloud-first application deployment strategies. What does it mean to move to the cloud for your organization? What benefits can be realized and what questions should you ask as you evaluate the right cloud partner. By citing research and use cases, this paper will explore the benefits of cloud services, along with some of the challenges associated with migration, as you weigh what makes sense for your organization.

“ The cloud is a tool in the toolbox. I use it to take care of business models and have set up a guidance board to determine what should be in the cloud or hybrid environments.”

– Tom Simpson, CIO, FDA

For the last few years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been in the process of moving many of its applications and services to the cloud. According to CIO Tom Simpson, leveraging cloud services is helping the agency process huge amounts of data, quickly.“We ingest large amounts of data: regulatory data, industry data, data from genomic sequencing and medical devices. What used to take weeks to process, we can now do in literally hours.”

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