Uniting Quality and Manufacturing With Digitization

May 6, 2021

Innovation and technology in the life sciences made it possible to develop the COVID-19 vaccine in record time. With inspiring advances like that, the question becomes: “How can we still be using paper?” The pandemic truly highlighted the constraints of paper and siloed systems, and maybe that’s a good thing, because it has also propelled companies to think seriously about digitization.

Here’s what you can expect with connected systems:

  • Visibility between quality and manufacturing functions.
  • Say goodbye to deviations, nonconformances, and scrap.
  • Production record review in record time.

The good news: integrating digital systems is not as hard as you think, just start with preparation. When firms plan their efforts, they can start small and scale quickly to see improvements.

Key takeaways for this presentation include:

  • How digitization gives you a competitive advantage and increases resiliency.
  • Benefits of integrating quality and production.
  • The ROI for integrating quality and production and how to calculate that.
  • How to identify the right system for your organization.

Presenters: Brian Beckstead, Product Manager, MasterControl and Jamie Nowacek, Product Manager, MasterControl

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