The Digital Production Floor Transformation: Extending Your Digital Edge Beyond Core Systems

June 4, 2020

Many manufacturers claim that they’re fully automated. And yet, there’s usually clipboard of paper that gets passed from operator to operator as a product is made. Paper has persisted in manufacturing due to several misconceptions. The ideas that the gap can’t be bridged, that it would be too expensive even if it could, and that it would take too long to implement are prevalent.


In this webinar, MasterControl SVP of Strategic Growth Brian Curran and Product Manager Katie Farley debunk these myths and show that completely getting rid of paper isn’t as impossible as it seems. The problems caused by paper are solved by digitizing, which allows manufacturers to speed up their processes while maintaining compliance.


A fully configurable solution allows companies to mimic their current paper processes. This cuts down on the time needed to adjust to the new solution. Digital solutions also can eliminate data entry errors and the time needed to correct other errors. When manufacturers have interconnected solutions, they can fully use their data to focus on continual improvement efforts.

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