Quality by Design

June 9, 2017

Quality by Design is all about making quality a proactive process, rather than a reactive one. In this video, best-selling author Craig Gygi describes how Quality by Design doesn’t just create a better product, but also saves a company money.

Traditionally, companies have embraced quality by embracing compliance. If the product or part falls within acceptable specifications, it’s a “quality” product. Anything outside of that range will cost the company; anything within it won’t. Gygi explains how these concepts are false and wind up costing companies in the long run.

The truth is, there’s a target companies should be trying to hit within the specifications. This target can be based off of consumer preferences or an amount of an ingredient or part that is most efficacious. Anytime a company deviates from that target, it costs them — whether they’re still within specifications or not.

Inserting quality into the design process early in product development requires a digital system that lets your designers collaborate in real time and make necessary changes while the cost is minimal.

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