Quality Event Management and the CAPA System Part 1: Using a Closed-Looped System

February 21, 2014

In this webinar series, learn how to improve your company’s corrective and preventive action (CAPA)  process by employing a closed-loop system. MasterControl Partner Ken Peterson explains how a three-loop approach to quality event management (QEM) helps you avoid death by CAPA by focusing your efforts on the most critical areas.

When companies indiscriminately take every quality event through the CAPA process, the quality department becomes overwhelmed, leading to quick fixes that don’t always get to the root cause of a problem. By using a risk-based approach, companies can quickly resolve less important issues and spend most of their resources on critical quality events.

Ken Peterson walks viewers through the risk-based review process, including the critical thinking to ultimately get to the root cause of a problem. He presents steps that will work in any industry, for any problem. Learn how to get all the information you need to correct a quality event and remain compliant.

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