How Digitization Facilitates Safe and Connected Operations During and Beyond Post-COVID-19 Mfg

March 4, 2021

COVID-19 exposed weaknesses in manufacturing, but those weaknesses were impacting shop floors long before the pandemic. Thankfully, the industry march towards digitization is offering new levels of flexibility. And manufacturers will benefit both during COVID-19 and beyond. Join us as we explore how to:

• Improve manufacturing time by ditching paper-based processes.

• Implement fully configurable digital systems.

• Increase visibility and communication on the shop floor.

• Make it easier for workers to operate remotely.

• Maximize productivity, eliminate data input errors, and streamline the compliance process. Don’t miss this chance to explore the new solutions that are essential in maintaining your competitive edge.

Presenters:  Brian Curran, SVP of Strategic Growth, MasterControl and Katie Farley, Product Manager, MasterControl

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