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November 10, 2015
When document control is done via paper and filing cabinets, it can create headaches. Tracking documents, getting approvals, and trying to coordinate revisions are a full-time job, on top of your actual full-time job. Document control software can solve these problems for you.

MasterControl document control software does all of the above electronically, and more. No matter what software is used to create a document, you can route, deliver, escalate and get approval of it all within this cloud-based system. Because the software operates in the cloud, anyone on your team can access a document from anywhere. Revisions are automatically tracked by the system and only the most recent version of a document is available.

Moreover, all documents are kept in a centralized location, which keeps you in an audit-ready state. You can even set up restricted access so an audit can view the needed documents within the system, rather than physically printing out those documents.
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