2020 Conference Hackathon Reveal

June 5, 2020

Every year during Masters Conference Hackathon, attendees can submit their ideas for feature enhancements in the MasterControl software. The ideas are then voted down and the most popular ones are coded into the software before the end of Conference.

In 2020, the winning idea was to display the percentage of training completed for a course. MasterControl President of Labs Matt Lowe presents the new feature and shows its functionality. The Hackers went above and beyond, not just coding in percentage complete, but adding a column showing how many trainees need to complete the training before document release.

The Hackers also coded in another feature, this one related to the patented MasterControl Validation Excellence Tool (VxT)™. This feature uses big data to show users how others in their industry have ranked risk during the validation process. As Lowe points out, this is particularly useful to those who aren’t used to computer software validation.

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