The New Ecosystem Dynamics: Digitization as a Driver of Global Quality Alignment and Innovation.

July 15, 2020

Modern companies rarely operate completely independently. They almost always work with contractors and outside partners for their businesses. In this expanding ecosystem it can be difficult to maintain the same level of quality across multiple sites and organizations. MasterControl EVP of Product Matt Lowe spoke with Fagron North America Quality Specialist Matt Seitz-Paquette about how Fagron is overcoming this challenge using MasterControl.

As a worldwide company with 49 sites, Fagron had difficulties unifying its operations when it came to quality. When the company chose MasterControl for their quality management system (QMS) they slowly began bringing multiple sites onto the system and saw operational benefits as the world was hit with COVID-19.

In this presentation, Lowe and Seitz-Paquette cover the eight key elements of an effective QMS. They also discuss how to extend an effective quality system throughout a company’s broader ecosystem.

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