Supplier Management Software Systems

Supplier Management Software Systems by MasterControl Automates Supplier Management and Supplier Compliance in FDA and Other Manufacturing Environments

Vendors providing goods and services to companies doing business in regulated environments are only qualified to supply specific products and services. As such, these suppliers must be accurately tracked on a company’s approved vendor list (AVL). The AVL must be continually managed and monitored, a complex supplier management system that becomes exponentially more difficult as product designs and manufacturing processes change over time. Further complexities arise as increasing numbers of suppliers interface with or are managed by different departments and divisions across the company.

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How can MasterControl Supplier, a Premier Supplier Management Software, Benefit You?

Here’s how MasterControl supplier management software is giving companies the capability to efficiently manage and approve vendor lists and effectively track supplier quality and supplier status.

Supplier Management System ChallengesMasterControl Supplier Management Software Solution
Tracking AVL Manually

Without a supplier management system, maintaining and controlling an approved vendor list is complex and error prone, particularly when supplier quality information is kept in separate systems or tracked manually via spreadsheets.

Centralized, Connected Supplier Management System

With MasterControl supplier management software, all supplier management statuses and quality information (such as nonconforming material reports) is automatically contained in a single, easy to access location. In addition to providing an easily maintainable AVL, MasterControl Supplier features a user-friendly interface for accessing all documentation and records related to each supplier.

Complications with New Parts and Manufacturers

As engineering teams develop new designs, contract manufacturers and parts must be identified and added to the AVL. To be placed on the AVL, a supplier management system must be monitored on an ongoing basis and must successfully fulfill a number of qualifications, such as supplier surveys, supplier audits, and process validation.

Automated Tracking of Supplier Management

MasterControl supplier management software automatically tracks and stores supplier information derived from audits, non-conformance reports, supplier deviations, and CAPAs. This electronically managed information can then be easily compiled for supplier quality ratings. Furthermore, suppliers can be approved using MasterControl's robust approval workflow technology.

Difficult to Add and Track Approved Parts and Suppliers

As new parts and suppliers are added and as suppliers' approval status changes, accurate and current tracking of parts and suppliers becomes increasingly more elaborate and difficult.

Simplified Adding and Tracking of Parts and Suppliers

With MasterControl's supplier management software, goods or services can be added to the “approved to supply” list simply by linking the goods/services to a specific supplier in MasterControl. Suppliers, conversely, can be added the same way. If a part is linked to a supplier that is not approved, the link will be disabled until the supplier becomes approved or reapproved. All of this information is easily obtainable via MasterControl's built-in reporting tool.

Duplication of Supplier Qualification Efforts

In a corporation with geographically dispersed divisions, it can be difficult to centralize supplier qualification activities and as a result, multiple divisions end up qualifying the same supplier. Without a proper supplier management system, this results in wasted effort, resources, and dollars.

Web-based Supplier Management Platform

MasterControl's Web-based platform makes accessing supplier data easy and efficient. Geographically dispersed divisions have the ability to share supplier qualification data with others in the corporation, potentially cutting out costly duplication of effort and speeding time to market.

Supplier Management Software Systems - Features and Benefits

  • Connected System: MasterControl's supplier management software securely maintains each supplier's vital information approval status, contact information, recent audits, non-conformances, CAPA reports, contracts, approved goods/services lists, supplier ratings, and links to analytics reports in a single, centrally located repository.

  • Functionality: MasterControl supplier management software systems provides users with a variety of functionality options, including: creating new suppliers in the system, viewing lists of suppliers, searching for suppliers, and importing supplier information.

  • Reporting Capabilities: MasterControl can run Approved Vendor reports that include lists of the goods or services a supplier is approved to supply, contact information for each supplier returned, and those supplier's ratings. Reports can also be run for all suppliers, regardless of status. Furthermore, in supplier management software, reports are available for tracking and trending supplier quality events such as CAPAs and deviations.

  • Simplified Status View: The Supplier view in the MasterControl supplier management system displays a Supplier Status field for each supplier, indicating if that vendor is approved or not.

  • Bi-directional Links: All goods/services and supplier links operate bi-directionally within MasterControl. The MasterControl system automatically checks approval status to determine which links should be marked as inactive or if they should be displayed at all.

  • Templates: MasterControl users are able to configure templates within the supplier management software to choose from based on the type of supplier being added. Similar to a MasterControl InfoCard Type, templates include custom fields and template options such as numbering series and lifecycle as well as dynamically filtered analytics reports and virtual folders.

  • Virtual Folders and Analytics Reports: Default Virtual Folders and analytics reports can be set and new ones can be created and added. Virtual Folders can be previewed right in the window and then the full folder can be run from that point.

  • Dashboard Capability: Virtual Folders and analytics reports can be embedded in the Supplier tab, essentially converting the supplier InfoCard into a dashboard. Users can configure the Supplier tab within the suppier management software to include appropriate Virtual Folders and links to analytics reports.

MasterControl's supplier management system elaborates how to successfully manage your supplier and ensure product safety and compliance discusses the FDA/ISO expectations for supplier management. The top five problems inherent in management suppliers are also addresses by MasterControl as:

  1. Lack of centralized platform and structure for managing multiple suppliers;
  2. Inability to monitor and track input from suppliers and other providers;
  3. Inability to report problems involving suppliers quickly and effectively;
  4. Lack of scope or a "bird's eye view" over supplier management system;
  5. Poor communication between contracting company and contractor.

Do You Want to Learn More About Supplier Management Software Systems?

To learn more about supplier management software systems, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.