Supplier Management

Supplier Management Software Systems

MasterControl's supplier management solution automates supplier management processes and ensures supplier quality and compliance.

Supplier management software maintains all supplier quality data and documentation in one place. It automatically tracks and stores audit findings and other supplier information. A supplier management system simplifies supplier qualification and supplier corrective action request (SCAR) processes. 

MasterControl Supplier Excellence™ Overview

Streamline your supplier management processes and get a complete view of supplier quality.


Holistic Supplier Management View

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MasterControl's supplier management system automatically tracks and stores all supplier information in a central location. It streamlines the qualification, management and monitoring of the Approved Vendor List (AVL).


Comprehensive Supplier Performance Records


MasterControl's supplier quality management software includes a robust scorecard for tracking and evaluating supplier quality, performance and compliance. It keeps your AVL comprehensive and up to date.


Supplier Quality and Compliance

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MasterControl's quality management system helps ensure the integrity of suppliers' quality and regulatory compliance. It can help you manage your suppliers to reduce supply chain risks.


Connected, Controlled Bill of Materials


MasterControl's Bill of Materials™ (BOM) software controls the iterations of a bill of materials generated during the design process. The BOM system lets authorized suppliers make markups to design files and associated BOMs at designated points in the design process. 

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Automated Supplier Corrective Action Request

MasterControl's supplier management software automates all Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) tasks. It automatically tracks and stores supplier information derived from SCARs, quality audits, nonconformance reports and supplier deviations.


Control of Supplier Deviations

MasterControl supplier quality management software creates a formal process where vendors can request an exception to written specifications. Materials are shipped only after the appropriate individuals have reviewed and approved the request and provided proper justification.

Manage your supplier quality data successfully.

Ensure all of your suppliers and third-party vendors are prioritizing product quality and compliance.

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