Quality Changes Everything.

Commercialization strategies evolve, supply chains expand and production rates accelerate. Things change. You adapt. But the only way to take control of your future is to double down on quality. It’s the ultimate game changer. That’s why you need MasterControl — the platform for quality.

Why is quality everyone’s top priority until they have to invest in quality management?

We’ve all heard quality and compliance teams referred to as the “breaks” of the organization, but at the end of the day, what truly sets you apart from your competitors? Innovation? Operational excellence? Commercialization? Maybe, but none of those mean a thing if the product you take to market isn’t perfect.

It’s time to bring quality and operational excellence together with MasterControl Quality Excellence™.


Embrace The Cloud

Quality and compliance management is complex and resource intensive. So why add the burdens of managing IT infrastructure, security investments and legacy systems to the mix? MasterControl’s leading cloud-based quality management system (QMS) is designed to let quality professionals focus on what they do best. MasterControl ensures you always have the latest features, security updates and integrations — without the IT headaches.


Take A Lifecycle Approach

MasterControl is a full closed-loop quality system. More importantly, MasterControl allows you to embed quality into every process across the entire development lifecycle of your product — from concept to commercialization and back again. From clinical study quality management and supplier corrective actions to production deviations and consumer complaints, the MasterControl Platform™ provides a single source of truth for quality data throughout the product lifecycle. MasterControl turns a culture of quality into an operational reality.


Turn Quality Into An Accelerator

When your mission is to bring life-changing products to more people sooner, you’re speaking our language. MasterControl gives you the power to transform quality and compliance processes into business accelerators. The MasterControl Platform provides the tools you need to break down silos, eliminate human errors, reduce costly delays and review times and ensure that regulators, partners, distributors and customers are always confident in the quality of your products.

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    Documents and Change

    Automate and manage all your critical compliance, product design and quality event documents from every point along the product lifecycle on single, user-friendly platform. Depend on unparalleled collaboration, change control, obsolescence and archiving functionalities and secure, role-based system access.

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    Training and Exams

    Automate all training activities across the enterprise, from the distribution of tasks, materials and exams to the follow-up, tracking, escalations and verifications needed to effectively manage your quality processes like CAPA, audits and customer complaints. Whenever there's a change to an SOP or any other document linked to a course, all affected employees automatically receive notifications and new training tasks.

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    Incidents and Corrective Actions

    Integrate your corrective actions with quality subsystems — including customer complaints, audits and change control — and track incidents that could potentially escalate into corrective actions. Automate the routing, notification, delivery, escalation and approval of corrective actions and securely store all correlated documentation.

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    Audits and Preventive Actions

    Streamline and automate your audit planning, scheduling and execution activities from beginning to end. Effectively manage your audit findings, responses and related preventive actions and optimize the audit reporting process to create final audit reports faster.

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    Risk and Mitigation

    Unite all of your risk-related activities and documentation in one centralized repository. Capture a complete and accurate picture of your risk landscape across product lines, business processes and business units. Leverage full search and scheduled reporting capabilities to gather insights into your risk assessment and mitigation activities.


Discover the MasterControl Platform

The MasterControl Platform is the foundation for complete product quality – connecting applications, documentation and data across your entire product development life cycle, from concept to commercialization.