Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

Laboratory information management systems digitize and streamline the collection, processing and storage of labs’ test data and documentation.

The collection and handling of day-to-day testing data are essential functions in laboratory settings. But that data is usually focused on specific cases, so it typically resides in a laboratory information management system (LIMS). Too often, information stored in a LIMS is disconnected from the organization’s other essential data and related processes. A reliable software platform with robust integration capabilities enables an organization to connect and synchronize data maintained in LIMS with the rest of its clinical trial, quality, audit and similarly critical information.

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What Is a LIMS?

A LIMS is a software solution used to manage laboratory test samples and their associated data. More than just a system for tracking tests, modern LIMS solutions also streamline and standardize lab operations like reporting and workflows. In addition, advanced LIMS solutions maintain sample records and simplify the handling of customer services, invoices and other types of records.


The Disconnected Data Dilemma

Laboratory testing data doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Its true value lies in how it relates to other associated processes and data sources, such as clinical trials, audits and compliance activities. But that data is usually stored in separate quality management or similar systems. It’s impossible to access accurate, up-to-date information on an enterprise level when critical systems are disconnected.

Benefits of LIMS Integrations


Data Consistency Across Systems

Keeping data consistent between critical systems shouldn’t be an ongoing concern. A solution that integrates your LIMS with other essential systems ensures a single source of truth for current data.


Higher Value Data Supporting Compliance

Compliance is contingent on dependable data. Information that is reliably updated and scalable across systems ensures the efficient execution of the compliance processes that depend on it.


Automated Data Transfer and Syncing

Reliable LIMS integrations give you control over critical systems and the data that flows between them. Errors that inevitably occur in manual data transfers become a thing of the past.


Always Available, Always Secure

Up-to-date data has greater value to authorized users who can access it from a centralized repository whenever it’s needed. A dependable LIMS integration sustains data integrity and accessibility.

Enhance Core Processes With LIMS Systems Integration


Connected Clinical Activities


Simplified Audits and Inspections


Comprehensive Quality Management


Refined Focus on Compliance


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