Recipe Management System

Recipe Management System

Automate batch processes. Improve efficiency. Ease growing pains. A proven recipe management software system can help you do it all.

Recipe variations and substitutions are common in manufacturing settings that rely on batch processes. In fact, they play a vital role in a manufacturer's ability to increase market shares and expand into new markets. The recipe software included in the MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™ solution eliminates manufacturers’ manual recipe-related processes and provides smart variant management functionality.

Bridging the Gap: Manufacturing Software and the New Digital Edge

Recipe management software that lets you do more growing with fewer growing pains.


Recipe Management System Benefits


It's a challenge to collect and compile accurate batch production records. MasterControl recipe software automates these activities. Learn how software can help your company reduce downtime and streamline change control.


Intelligent Product Variant Management


Digitized processes and connected recipe data are the keys to avoiding recipe and variance management mistakes. Entering data into a master batch record in the MasterControl variant management system ensures that only error-free information will be included in variant records. The assurance of data accuracy allows manufacturers to execute batches correctly and efficiently the first time.


Digitized Batch Records


With electronic batch records, workers can focus on product quality – not documentation accuracy. The electronic batch records available from MasterControl ensure a higher rate of right-first-time recipe execution. By accelerating overall production, they help companies consistently fulfill more orders on time and to spec.


Unparalleled BOM Management Software

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Accurately identifying and listing the required product materials is nearly impossible without standardized BOMs. The MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence solution’s built-in BOM software controls all BOM iterations and streamlines data exchange. MasterControl ensures the right documents and revisions are used throughout the entire process.

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Master Variance Between Similar Products

MasterControl streamlines variance assessments. The system electronically routes requests to the proper decision-makers. It also records the reasons for their decisions in a permanent, audit-ready record.


Ditch Your Manual, Error-Prone Processes

MasterControl gives you the ability to manage recipe changes directly from an electronic master batch record. This doesn’t just reduce documentation – it ensures the integrity of production data as well. The efficiencies gained by digitizing recipe-related processes ultimately help manufacturers increase cash flow, improve customer satisfaction and effectively scale their business.

Don't settle for inexact recipe management.

Make efficient and error-free recipe and variant management your new norm.

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