eDHR Software Systems

eDHR Software Systems

MasterControl's electronic device history record (eDHR) software automates the DHR process. It provides greater control of manufacturing data and documentation and a seamless connection between production and quality.

Integrated eDHR software delivers improved efficiencies and insights needed by medical device manufacturers. It streamlines and error-proofs their DHR processes and documentation, and it helps ensure quality during production.

MasterControl eDHR™ Toolkit for Medical Device Firms

Improve efficiencies, traceability and compliance with eDHR software.


Efficient, Accurate DHR Processes


Greater Visibility and Traceability


Proactive Quality and Compliance


Manufacturing Excellence

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Comprehensive DHR Management

Relying on paper-based DHR processes exposes manufacturers to unnecessary risks. These risks make it difficult, if not impossible, to ship products fast while complying with regulatory demands. MasterControl's eDHR software provides all the tools a medical device manufacturer needs to avoid these risks and gain total control of DHRs. 

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Quality Built Into Production

MasterControl's digital manufacturing software helps improve plant operations and product quality. Building quality into the production process with MasterControl eDHR™ results in fewer deviations and production errors.

Take control of your device history records.

Don't let manual, paper-based DHR processes get in the way of your smart manufacturing efforts.

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