Bill of Materials (BOM) Software Systems

MasterControl Offers Bill of Materials (BOM) Software Systems to Automate Bill of Material / BOM Management

Each manufacturing company has its own unique production flow. But every company's production is reliant on a bill of materials systems that can accurately identify and list the components required to produce a particular product at any given revision level. Bill of materials software can help companies simplify and standardize BOM management across departments to ensure dynamic and profitable manufacturing.

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How Can MasterControl's BOM Software Systems help you?

Here's how bill of materials software systems from MasterControl streamlines the handling of the bill of materials management to prevent potential problems.

BOM Obstacles

MasterControl BOM™ Software Solutions

Inefficient and Mistake-Prone BOM System

Managing BOMs systems with spreadsheets is extremely tedious and prone to error, especially when distributed product development teams, contract manufacturers, or outside sources are involved.

Efficient, Integrated BOM System

The BOM software system from MasterControl controls all BOM iterations generated during the design process and enables users to exchange BOM data with suppliers. All departments get an updated, accurate view of revision levels of every component in their particular configurations. Documents defining components are easily viewed from the BOM, ensuring that the right documents and revisions are used in manufacturing.

Poor Supply Chain Communication

Changes aren't communicated through the supply chain rapidly enough, leading to the wrong revision of a component being built or excessive scrapping and reworking of products. Manually mailing, emailing or faxing changes is time consuming and problematic which may disturb the whole bill of materials system.

Connected BOM Processes

The bill of materials software from MasterControl is traceable and secure, and provides instantaneous electronic communication. Because the BOM management software is integrated with the document management system, in-process changes are readily viewed by buyers/planners and costly mistakes can be avoided. All parties involved in the supply chain are accountable for actions once changes are approved and communicated.

Ineffective Collaborations

Without a bill of materials system, collaborating with contract manufacturers is inefficient, slow and costly. Difficulties frequently arise when allowing or restricting various suppliers' access to collaborations.

Effective Collaborations

Authorized suppliers can have restricted access to the bill of materials software system from MasterControl, allowing them to make markups to design files and associated BOMs at any point in the design process designated by the user. This saves time and money by eliminating the need to implement suppliers' modifications into reworked designs after manufacturing has commenced.

Unpredictable Costs

Cost estimates are unpredictable, making it difficult to keep pricing competitive.

Predictable Costs

The bill of materials software system from MasterControl estimates the cost of the final product and sub-assemblies, allowing users to focus design changes on the most expensive components.