Bill of Materials

MasterControl's bill of materials (BOM) software automates and streamlines BOM management procedures.

Simplifying and standardizing BOM management is crucial. BOM software must accurately identify and list the components required to produce a product at any given revision level. An automated BOM system automates the iterative procedures associated with BOM management. It helps reduce audit times, improves product quality and ensures regulatory compliance.

MasterControl Bill of Materials™ (BOM)

Control your bill of materials with BOM software.


Engineering BOM


The ability to simplify BOM management is critical to manufacturing success. The engineering BOM must be accurate and up-to-date. It must precisely identify and list the components required to make a particular product at any revision level. 


Bill of Materials Program


A bill of materials program includes the software system used to automate the BOM management process. BOM software should let users exchange BOM data with suppliers efficiently. It must ensure BOM program data is complete, correct and consistent.




MasterControl's engineering BOM (EBOM) solution allows you to control and easily manage the multiple iterations of an EBOM. It ensures all departments have an accurate, up-to-date view of the revision levels of every component in their particular configurations.

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Complete, Accurate BOM Documentation

MasterControl's BOM solution controls all BOM iterations generated during the design process. It enables users to exchange BOM data with suppliers. Documents defining components can be easily viewed from the BOM, ensuring the right documents and revisions are always used during the manufacturing process.


Connected, Traceable BOM Processes

MasterControl's bill of materials software is traceable, secure and immediate. With the integrated BOM management system, in-process changes are readily accessible and costly mistakes are minimized. All stakeholders involved in the supply chain are accountable for actions once changes are approved and communicated.

Easily manage your BOM processes and documents.

Don't rely on an inefficient, error-prone BOM system. Automate your BOM management system and get complete control of your BOM today.

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