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Qx ROI Calculator

Return on Investment Calculator for Quality Management System (QMS)

Managing quality documentation (standard operating procedures and other quality documents) and employee training records to ensure compliance with current regulatory guidelines is difficult and time-consuming and costly, especially in a paper-based environment. 

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Number document approvals and training records you manage weekly?

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Number hours you search, retrieve, track and store quality documentation and training records weekly?




Number individuals in quality manage documentation and training records?




Average hourly rate for individuals managing quality documentation and training records?

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MasterControl Quality Excellence™ helps you automate your quality processes to dramatically improve efficiency, ensure compliance and accelerate time to market. Sign up for a full demo to see how a QMS not only ensures higher quality products but saves you time and money.

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*Cost savings are preliminary estimates based on a limited data set and average savings multiples. They do not represent a guaranteed or legally binding cost savings. For a more comprehensive assessment of how the MasterControl Quality Excellence solution can deliver labor-based cost savings, schedule an ROI assessment today.

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