Engineering BOM (Bill of Materials)

Every manufacturing company has a distinctive production flow. Although each flow is unique, they all have one thing in common: a dependence on an engineering Bill of Materials (BOM) that can precisely identify and list the components required to make a particular product at any revision level. In order to have profitable and dynamic manufacturing processes, manufacturers must have accurate and up-to-date engineering BOMs that they can rely on. The determining factor in a manufacturing company’s success or failure is its ability to simplify and standardize BOM management across all departments.

MasterControl Bill of Materials™ (BOM)

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What Companies Need from an Engineering BOM Software Solution

Managing an engineering BOM with spreadsheets and paper files is a tedious and error prone endeavor, especially when multiple product development teams, contract manufacturers, or outside sources are involved. Also, if changes aren’t effectively communicated through the supply chain, incorrect revisions of a component may be built or products may have to be scrapped or reworked. Any manufacturing company that relies on BOMs needs solutions to these types of problems. In addition, they’re also looking for:

  • A means of automatically integrating data between systems
  • A virtual workspace where stakeholders can collaborate efficiently and effectively from any geographic location
  • A way to accurately predict costs that allows users to focus design changes on the most expensive components and work toward competitive pricing early on in the design phase
  • A means of connecting all quality, design, and manufacturing processes

How MasterControl Can Help Your Company Meet Its Engineering BOM Needs

MasterControl’s engineering BOM software solution provides a configurable yet consistent approach to creating, viewing, and handling BOMs. The system controls all engineering BOM iterations generated during the design process and enables users to readily exchange BOM data with suppliers. The system allows users to easily view documents that define components directly from the BOM. This comprehensive overview ensures that the right documents and revisions are used throughout the manufacturing process. MasterControl also provides the capability to extract BOM data from PDM systems and automatically push it through to ERP systems.

MasterControl's engineering BOM solution allows users to control and easily manage the multiple iterations of an engineering bill of materials generated throughout the entire design process. The solution enables users to exchange BOM data with suppliers efficiently. It also insures that all departments have an accurate, updated view of the revision levels of every component in their particular configurations.

Beneficial Features of the MasterControl Engineering BOM Software Solution

  • Engineering bill of materials data can be automatically synchronized with manufacturing BOMs by enabling integration with ERP systems and providing BOM control
  • Any authorized team or department can all have access to BOMs throughout the design process
  • Users already accustomed to working with BOMs will be able to effortlessly organize product data using a familiar tool
  • The system’s revision control functionality allows multiple revisions of an engineering BOM to be approved and used for reference and sent on collaboration routes, which allows users to redline and suggest changes without affecting the primary approved version
  • MasterControl updates automatically, creating a new instance of an engineering BOM with each new revision of components
  • Engineering BOMs automatically update with new revisions, creating a new instance of a BOM in the process
  • The “Where Used” feature displays precisely where a part is being used across multiple BOMS, which permits users to immediately understand the impact of a single part change
  • Once changes are approved and communicated, the system ensures that all involved parties are accountable for subsequent actions
  • In-process changes can be instantaneously viewed buyers or planners since the engineering BOM is integrated with the larger document management system, which helps the organization avoid costly mistakes
  • Because authorized suppliers can be granted limited access to the system at any point in the design process that allows them to mark up design files and associated BOMs, designs will never have to be reworked after manufacturing has commenced
  • MasterControl simplifies modification tracking by allowing users to easily monitor changes to components (along with any supporting markups and feedback) at any versioning point, starting with initial creation
  • The system is based on a “continuous compliance” methodology and allows authorized users to accurately review and trace the compliance status of components and quickly determine the regulatory status of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which safeguards each product from regulation violations
  • Potential bidders can be granted limited access to necessary documentation within the system, which results in a wider range of potential suppliers and more competitive quotes

Multiple BOM Views

The MasterControl engineering bill of materials software solution also provides three different ways of viewing engineering BOMs:

  • An indented hierarchical view
  • A summarized flat view
  • A comparison view that differentiates between two versions of the same BOM by showing additions, deletions, and modifications

For More Information on Engineering BOM (Bill of Materials) Software Systems

For more details about MasterControl’s engineering BOM software solution, please contact a MasterControl representative by calling +1-800-825-9117.

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