Migration Services

For companies using MasterControl's client/server system who now wish to upgrade to the MasterControl Web-based platform, the Professional Services team coordinates the entire migration effort. This helps maximize the benefits of new technology while minimizing disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

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Because our Web-based platform is by far the more preferred system, many of our customers have successfully migrated documents and other materials from their client/server systems. This includes tens of thousands of documents, SOPs, drawings, specifications, technical reports, and other records. Our automated data migration utility simplifies the challenges that seemingly even simple data migrations can present. This is particularly true when information needs to be transferred between dissimilar storage systems without substantially disrupting requirements for continuous, around-the-clock data.

With MasterControl's Data Migration Services, all migrations are implemented using our proven project methodology. The methodology utilizes a full test migration at our facility prior to the live data migration at your site. This ensures that any data integrity issues are identified and corrected prior to the final migration of your critical data. Following a successful test at our facility, the consultant assigned to your project repeats the comprehensive migration test plan while onsite.

Please feel free to contact your MasterControl representative if you have any questions regarding our Data Migration Services.