Customer Complaint Tracking Management System

Effective customer complaint tracking is essential for compliance.

Customer complaints are inevitable in any industry, but they take on a greater level of significance in the life sciences. Effectively tracking and resolving complaints is essential for compliance, especially when those complaints have to do with patient safety. 

MasterControl Customer Complaints™

Complaint tracking and resolution that ensures compliance.


Adverse Events


Medical device, pharmaceutical, and blood and biologics companies must report adverse events to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). MasterControl Complaints integrates with other solutions to ensure these complaints are monitored and resolved.


ISO Standards


Both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 have complaint handling requirements. Since some countries have adapted ISO standards as their regulations, complying with these standards is even more important.


21 CFR Part 11 Compliant


MasterControl customer complaint tracking software has a secure, time-stamped audit trail in accordance with federal regulations. Anytime someone creates, modifies or deletes electronic records, the event and identity of the user are tracked.


The QMS Provider for the FDA


What better way to ensure you comply with FDA regulations than by using the same compliance software they do? For years the FDA's Office of Regulatory Affairs has used the MasterControl Quality Management System (QMS). Recently, the Division of Pharmaceutical Analysis adopted the same solution.

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Electronic Medical Device Reporting (eMDR)

Medical device manufacturers must report adverse events to the FDA. The MasterControl eMDR software solution is ideal for tracking and resolving adverse events. An eMDR form can be initiated from our customer complaint management system, ensuring no data is lost.


Put All Your Processes on One Platform

The MasterControl Lifecycle Excellence Platform brings connectivity to your business. It ensures all your data is in a centralized location and that no data is lost through human error.

Track your complaints more easily than ever before.

Make sure no data gets lost by using a digitized, completely connected solution.

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