MCU On-Demand

MasterControl University (MCU) On-Demand provides affordable, convenient and comprehensive end user training on MasterControl modules, features and functionality.

Maintaining a knowledgeable and skilled workforce is critical for organizations to grow and be competitive, no matter the industry in which they operate. The value of having powerful technology is wasted if users lack the complete knowledge and skills to leverage it. That is why MasterControl offers a variety of premium educational services and resources through MasterControl University (MCU).

MCU offers several services and resources to address the specific educational and training needs of end users and system administrators alike, from classroom instruction at MasterControl headquarters and live online courses to client-site instruction and downloadable training materials.

For customers wanting to maximize their training investment but struggling with the costs or logistics of in-person classroom training, MCU On-Demand instruction may be the most attractive training option.

Key Advantages of MCU On-Demand

MCU On-Demand provides dynamic online training courses that guide end users through the MasterControl product from start to finish, at users’ own pace and on their own schedule. Designed to build expertise on specific modules and their proper use, MCU On-Demand provides a clear sequence of learning on concise, easy-to-use training videos.

Built with role-based filtering, MCU On-Demand’s Web-based videos make self-guided learning easy. Moreover, every course instructor is an expert in both the quality field and MasterControl products.

MCU On-Demand’s best practices-based online training offers a number of features and functionality that help MasterControl users and their employers extend their training capabilities:

  • Accessibility – MCU On-Demand online training is a convenient learning option that allows users anytime access to online courses. This means that users not only can learn on their own flexible schedule, but also can learn from anywhere they have access to MasterControl’s Customer Website – whether that’s in the office, on the shop floor, at home or in the airport.
  • Affordability – MCU On-Demand online training tends to consume less time and fewer resources than in-person, classroom training, making it a more affordable alternative for some organizations. Travel expenses are eliminated, and because there is no need to take employees away from current tasks for group sessions, minimal employee downtime adds more savings.
  • Repeatability – Much of the difficulty in ensuring effective training stems from a lack of follow-through. Simply attending a course once does not guarantee that the user or the organization will benefit from the training effort. MCU On-Demand enables repeatable online training so users can easily take and re-take courses as needed to increase proficiency.

Best of all, the online library of training videos is regularly updated with new courses, so there’s no reason to worry about an outdated curriculum.

How MCU On-Demand Helps Maximize Training Investments

MCU On-Demand extends all of the above advantages and more to MasterControl customers, ultimately saving time and effort for training coordinators, system administrators and users in a number of key ways:

  • Lower training costs for larger groups of users – MCU On-Demand enables the training of upwards of thousands of end users, sparing sysadmins and training coordinators the burden of spending countless hours creating training materials from scratch.
  • Easy, anytime access to courses via the Cloud – MCU On-Demand gives users instant online access to courses according to their skill level, so even infrequent users and new hires can quickly and efficiently take and re-take courses whenever needed.
  • Effective user training administered by experts –MCU On-Demand provides authoritative training from MasterControl experts, an up-to-date curriculum and instant access to training materials to ensure the most relevant and effective learning.

With MCU On-Demand training, you'll get world-class instruction in what you need to plan, build and measure successful quality programs.

For more information about MCU On-Demand education and training, please contact MasterControl today.