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Most manufacturing processes involve constant collaboration amongst several departments as products and related product documentation are manufactured and written. In case a new product is being launched in the market, the manufacturing company in question may also be bogged down trying to manage potential product risk. With so much at stake, the margin of error should be at a bare minimum. MasterControl's manufacturing document control software automates and manages document control processes, decreases documentation-related risk and can greatly increase company-wide efficiency.

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Compliant Manufacturing Document Control System

MasterControl's manufacturing document control software helps general manufacturing companies attain and sustain compliance with ISO quality standards by optimizing quality processes and by keeping the quality system in a state of complete readiness for ISO audits. MasterControl's manufacturing document control software maintains all your documents in one online location (the web-based platform provides a centralized repository for storing SOPs, policies, DOPs (detailed operating procedures), templates, forms, and other documentation). A single, cohesive system for all documents makes the search for and the retrieval of documentation easier for employees and auditors.

SOP Conformity with Manufacturing Document Control Software Systems

One of the risks faced by a manufacturing company is most likely to come across is the rotation of different versions of SOPs throughout the organization. This rotation results in outdated SOPs that are still being referred to by manufacturing employees. SOPs with varying instructions can obviously result in serious product risk, non-conformities and serious consequences. To prevent the use of outdated SOPs, MasterControl's manufacturing document control system ensures that only the current version of the document is available to view by users. In addition, only a single authorized user is allowed to update the document at any given time. There are a number of change control features that specifically track and document which changes have occurred in which documents. These features help document reviewers to quickly review and approve document changes.

Tracking with Manufacturing Document Control Software

Another important feature of the MasterControl manufacturing document control software is the automatic tracking of all documentation under review. MasterControl tracks documents by status or by history. A document will show as either "in process" or "complete" if tracked by status. The "revision" or "approval history" of documents can also be reviewed using the history feature. In addition, MasterControl's manufacturing document control software provides a secure, time-stamped audit trail and documents the identity of anyone who creates or modifies an electronic record. The system also automatically records when a change or an action has taken place and what the changes were.

Collaborative Manufacturing Document Control Software

Cross-communication is a pivotal factor that can make or break any company. If the company spans to several departments or if branches spread across a region, there is a greater chance that miscommunication will occur between employees. As manufacturing processes require collaboration between various teams, it is of primary importance to keep the collaboration process organized and under control. A breakage in communication can lead to production halts which may result in the loss of capital and unwanted company audits. MasterControl's manufacturing document control software provides a collaboration workspace that allows users to view all user input and to avoid the duplication of effort. A rejected document, for example, is automatically returned to the originator for a new task, so rejected packets don't languish in the system.

Improve Approval Processes with Manufacturing Document Control Software

When an SOP is altered, it must then be approved by a reviewer(s). The sooner the document is approved, the sooner the SOP can be circulated throughout the company. The timely approval of SOPs is very important. MasterControl's manufacturing document control software reduces document review cycle time by automating the routing and approval of documentation and by incorporating the escalation of overdue tasks. With MasterControl, company-wide policies, SOPs, and other documents that require interdepartmental collaboration move along a pre-defined workflow and can be managed electronically. Overdue tasks are automatically escalated to a manager. In addition, the release of one task can be made dependent on the completion of another task which gives managers more control over processes and the ability to reduce cycle time by prompting users immediately when a task has been completed and another task needs to be initiated.

Managing and Integrating the Manufacturing Document Control Software

Manufacturing companies are dependent on a variety of software tools to create and illustrate SOPs. For example, SOPs may include spreadsheets, flowcharts, graphic designs, etc. This means that manufacturers need the MasterControl document control software to manage documents without regard to the system in which the documents were created. MasterControl does exactly that by managing all document types.

Integration of Manufacturing Document Control System

Manufacturing companies may also wish to integrate MasterControl with additional company applications. MasterControl can integrate with other applications like ERP, LIMS, accounting, and human resources applications to accommodate departmental needs.

Automating Quality Processes with Manufacturing Document Control Software

MasterControl also provides for the automation of quality processes, like CAPA, non-conformance, customer complaints, and more. With MasterControl these processes, which are often forms-based are unique to a department (i.e., application forms for HR, customer satisfaction survey forms) and can be integrated with document-based processes under one secure online repository.

A department can keep the look and function of existing forms or create and customize entirely new ones.

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