Document Control Plan

Standardize the way you manage and control documentation with a document control plan

Modern trends in business strongly emphasize methods that help in achieving maximum efficiency. This implies that companies are relying on incorporating standards that help them gain the utmost out of their available resources. The age of Information Technology has reinforced the concept of "do more, in less time". A well thought out document control plan that incorporates electronic document management is becoming the standard in the digital age.

Automating Document Control Processes

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Modern quality management systems are developed with document control solutions that enable the users to store information electronically in a centralized location. Having a document control plan to utilize the software is all about empowering you to carry out the daily operations through a set of automated processes. Software helps in maintaining the entire documentation of any enterprise efficiently through its various dynamic tools that constantly update the documents as per the company policy.

Document Control Plans in a Centralized Repository

The foremost concern for any company is to maintain the scores and scores of documents in the system. Since documents that are part of your document control plan in your organization consist of valuable and sensitive data, a reliable solution is required that guarantees a secure location in storing all the relevant documents. Organizations want to make sure that the location cannot be easily infiltrated or breached by any intruder. MasterControl's document control software helps in accomplishing this by providing an online centralized repository that can only be accessed by privileged users. These users are provided with passwords which they must use to login to the portal and access the relevant documentation. In turn, the software ensures that any document can only be edited by a single authorized user at any time. Moreover, this repository can be accessed by any users across the globe through a secure internet portal. Now, you don't have to worry about any attempt of breach in the system. MasterControl's document control software ensures that all the company's sensitive data is secure and away from access by unauthorized users.

Document Control Plan With Different Document Types

As a general requirement, many companies create and maintain documents in various kinds of formats. These may include formats as simple as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents to intricate formats such as database, project plans etc. Organizations demand that the software must be proficient in identifying all kinds of document control plan and general document formats in the system. MasterControl's document control software helps in not only identifying, but also storing various types of documents in the system. This provides companies the leverage to use and incorporate different formats for illustrating and communicating ideas across the company.

Routing and Approving Document Control Plans

One important aspect of a document control plan is the ability to route the document through several rounds of review. Companies document all kinds of procedures, from very simple to the most complicated. Since most of the procedures are carried out by several departments, each department is responsible for documenting their set of operations in an SOP. This implies that the document has to go through several departments in order to be completed. Afterwards, the document requires strict review at the hands of multiple managers before it can be given final approval. This exercise can be recursive as a single document can be routed to several departments and also rotate to and fro between multiple managers. Once the document is given the final nod, it is then checked-in in the centralized location. MasterControl's document control software helps in carrying out this entire process of routing, reviewing and approving the documents efficiently. In case a document is pending for review or approval by the concerned department for a long period of time the software can escalate the document to the next department or manager in line. This feature ensures that the document does not remain pending and the process of approving the document continues without any hindrance.

Tracking and Controlling Versions in your Document Control Plan

Since part of your document control plan includes documents being routed to several departments and managers before being approved, it is important to keep track of the current and past status of documents. This tracking enables you to identify any user who has updated the document and when the change was made. There are a number of change control features that can be enabled based on your needs. Also, whenever a document is updated its version is automatically updated. This enables you to know the number of iterations a document has been throughout its lifecycle.

Document Control Plan Consistency in SOPs

By devising a document control plan standard for maintaining the SOPs, you can ensure that these are being correctly followed throughout the company. Once the document is approved from the respective authority, it is the responsibility of the concerned department to make sure that the correct procedures are being followed in the manufacturing process of the product. MasterControl's document control software helps by allowing the necessary involvement of concerned departments to collaborate and define SOPs that can be implemented by the entire company. As the repository only maintains the current version of any document, you can be assured that departments always follow the most recent SOPs.

Document Control Plan Training and Reporting

Using MasterControl's training management software in conjunction with our document control solution ensures that current or new employees are trained in accordance with the latest set of SOPs available in the system. Since all employees are provided with the current version of any document you can be assured that all the employees are on the same page with the company's standard procedures. You can also take maximum advantage by employing the included reporting feature to generate reports and evaluate various trends. This will help you analyze your company processes so you can identify business areas that need possible attention.

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