Manufacturing & Technology Audit Management Software Systems

Manufacturing and Technology Audit Management Software Systems Help Manufacturers Attain and Sustain ISO 9000/14000 Certification via Software for Effective Manufacturing and Technology Audits, Document Management/Control, and Process Management Systems

As companies develop new trends in manufacturing, many are moving toward higher technology for mass production of goods. Although many processes are now automated through machines with lesser human intervention, still it is necessary to ensure that production cycles are cost-effective and efficient. This can be achieved by incorporating MasterControl’s manufacturing and technology audit management software systems that automate and manage quality processes to ensure optimum utilization of resources.

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How can MasterControl's Manufacturing Audit Management Software Benefit You?

To streamline and automate quality processes in an effective manner, MasterControl provides a cutting-edge manufacturing audit management software system. By utilizing MasterControl, manufacturers that used to rely on manual processes are able to attain and maintain ISO certification by automating, streamlining, and effectively managing quality processes involved in a manufacturing audit. As manufacturers incorporate such enhanced technology in their manufacturing processes, it is important to monitor machines, processes, and other aiding tools to ensure that they are operating smoothly without any slippage.

Here's how MasterControl Audit’s robust features address some of the major challenges of both performance and compliance audits while ensuring your quality system is always compliant, connected, and complete:

Compliant with Manufacturing Audit Management Systems.

As a general standard, manufacturing companies must adhere to ISO or similar quality standards that serve as a parameter to measure quality. These standards emphasize quality and ensure that processes in the system strictly comply with certain rules. The MasterControl manufacturing quality control software system is based on the foundation of compliance that helps the company achieve and sustain compliance in the long-run. A healthy manufacturing audit management system is always ready for both performance and compliance audits.

To keep up with modern trends in technology, MasterControl’s manufacturing audit management system automates all tasks pertaining to the audit process, including notification, follow-up, and escalation of overdue assignments. Automation is an effective tool to spread compliance within the entire infrastructure of the enterprise and helps simplify the compliance environment. This altogether makes it easier to stay compliant. The solution provides two important forms to collect and track data throughout the audit process. However, it can also be used to configure additional forms based on the company's unique needs.

To maintain all audit-related documents, the MasterControl manufacturing and technology audit management software system also offers a centralized repository that is available to authorized users around the clock through the Internet. The web-based portal facilitates the performance of operations such as searching and retrieving documents, making such tasks relatively easy during an audit. To avoid any confusion and mistakes in referring to an outdated document, the most current version of document is always maintained for review.

To make the best use of findings from different types audits, an efficient manufacturing and technology audit management system should consist of advanced analytics and reporting capability. MasterControl recognizes this fact and has developed software to dynamically capture, trend, and link the relevant data needed to solve problems and improve processes. This allows for the generation of reports on the basis of data captured in real-time that eventually increases management oversight. Each report is segregated into different sections that include audit summary, audit detail, findings by root cause, audits by standards, audits by auditor, and open findings. To ensure that all recurring tasks pertaining to an audit are not overlooked, MasterControl provides advanced scheduling. This feature eliminates the hassle of remembering to launch tasks manually. The MasterControl manufacturing and technology audit management software system allows companies to do more and manufacture higher quality products within budget.

Connected Manufacturing Audit Management Software Systems.

Manufacturing and technology companies are aware of the difficulties involved in maintaining a well-connected system with silos that communicate in a coherent manner. Usually, departments co-exist together but their working methods may vary. This can cause disparity in the overall workflow of the business. In order to bring harmony between departments and processes, it is necessary to connect the audit process with other quality processes for a holistic approach.

To gain maximum advantage of the audits and the resulting data they generate, MasterControl’s manufacturing audit management system streamlines the audit process by integrating different integral steps including: preparation, scheduling, execution, findings, verification, all the way through to completion. Since MasterControl is Web-based, it connects any type of user, such as employees, suppliers, contractors, and others involved in the audit process regardless of location. This means that companies based in multiple locations can work together on different aspects of production without hassle or disparity.

With different processes executing simultaneously, it is a possibility that one process may not be in accordance with the documented standard. Such a situation requires the launch of a CAPA (corrective and preventive action) which corrects the deviation in the process and prevents the future occurrence of such a situation. As processes are intricate, it may not be possible for employees to closely monitor all processes and launch subsequent CAPAs. To offset this potential shortcoming, the MasterControl manufacturing and technology audit management software system offers an Audit Finding form that directly launches a CAPA. Pertinent information from the Audit Finding form is automatically entered into the CAPA form which also reduces data entry. Users are also given links through which they can view the history of the entire process, giving them a thorough overview of a complete process and providing evidence of what event triggered the CAPA.

Along similar lines, users can also co-relate tasks and create inter-dependencies. This means completion of a task can be made dependent on another task to give managers more control over the workflow. This reduces cycle time by prompting users immediately to their next task and allows for the creation of an innovative dependency tree that illustrates relationships between dependent processes.

Complete Technology and Manufacturing Audit Management Software Systems

MasterControl’s technology and manufacturing audit management software system is devised to assist companies of any size and scope. This is why it caters to the demanding requirements of each department by documenting processes and electronically handling respective forms. The MasterControl audit management software system is an ideal enterprise-wide solution that can be integrated with other third-party applications to facilitate a variety of operations. To accommodate business requirements across departments, MasterControl's manufacturing audit management software is able to integrate with other applications like ERP, LIMS, accounting, and human resources applications. With the standardized Google-like search window, all authorized users throughout the organization can search and retrieve change control related tasks and documents.

Users are also equipped with MasterControl's Explorer. Similar to Windows Explorer, this tool helps users find and access documents quickly within the manufacturing and technology audit management software system. To aid in the management and coordination of enterprise-wide documentation, each department can maintain its own Explorers. This means documents are stored in multiple Explorers that are owned by various departments. Although users at the department level are given control of particular Explorers, an employee that has been assigned to be a system administrator may oversee the structure of Explorers and the documents residing with them. System administrators can automatically update the documents through dynamic links that are components of the system’s Info Cards.

Management can also automate any forms-based process unique to a department. For example, application forms for HR, customer satisfaction survey forms for the Customer Service Department, etc. The solution also allows users to design forms from scratch with a customized look and feel or a department can keep the look and function of existing forms.

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