Change Management Strategy

Having a change management strategy is critical - both to compliance and expediting production

Given the number of ongoing processes for document change to product formulations, design specs, SOPs, specifications for raw materials, etc., change management software is an indispensable part of a complete change management strategy. It helps ensure regulatory and ISO compliance and increases a company's productivity.

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MasterControl's Change Management Strategy Helps Align Businesses through Strategic Planning

Modern business trends have triggered a sudden emphasis on change management. It is important for companies to develop an effective change management strategy that reflects market transparency, labor mobility, global capital flows, and horizontal as well as vertical communication in the business. In order to implement a sound change management strategy, more and more companies are turning to effective software tools now available on the market.

MasterControl change management strategy software is specifically designed to enable top level management of any company to develop a thorough strategic plan for smoothly implementing changes to business processes. MasterControl software offers best practice automated forms to facilitate this fluid implementation. The primary purpose of these automated forms is to ensure flawless entry of data pertaining to changes. As a change form is tracked, the entire change management process becomes completely automated. The change management strategy incorporated in the MasterControl suite of applications divides the change control process into various progressive stages. The stages within the process include change request submissions, evaluations of the change, its approval or rejection, its implementation, verification and possible validation, and closure of the change. This segmentation ensures better visibility into each stage of the change process and allows managers and executives to individually attend, monitor, and control each stage.

Sound Change Management Strategy Enhances Collaboration and Training

Companies are aware of the fact that smooth implementation of any change across an enterprise is dependent on transparent communication and reliable connections between various processes, employees, and departments. For this reason, MasterControl integrates change control with other quality processes such as CAPA. For instance, a change form can be launched directly from a corrective action / preventive action form, connecting one change management process to the next. This calls for automatic progression - a change managed and strategized through change management is afterwards automatically fed to a CAPA form to ensure that the issue does not recur or resurface in the system. The links enabled in the change control process also allow users to review the completed process and see what instigated the change.

Examples of other related MasterControl processes that can initiate a change include nonconformance, deviations, customer complaints, and audit software.

Change management software also helps businesses improve and simplify employee training programs. Incorporating a healthy user education program encourages transparency and ensures that personnel are kept current with the latest standard operating procedures. Companies can broaden the skill set of employees by integrating MasterControl's change management strategy with training control. Any change in the existing documentation automatically triggers an email from the MasterControl system that is sent out to the affected employees.

All these features only vouch for the fact that MasterControl change management strategy is built on the core principles of compliance that ultimately help companies achieve a continuous state of audit readiness.

For More Information on Change Management Strategy

If you'd like more information about the software to manage your change management strategy that MasterControl offers, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.