Educational Services

Owning a powerful tool can be extremely valuable, but without thorough knowledge of how to use that tool, its value is wasted. MasterControl Inc. provides a variety of educational resources to help you gain a complete understanding of the MasterControl software suite, with the ultimate goal of improving your organization's productivity and efficiency.

Whether your needs focus on enabling a new system or building a stronger understanding of a current system, MasterControl is ready to help you meet your goals. Our Education Services Department offers a variety of instructional materials and courses designed to teach both users and administrators how to get the most from MasterControl's products.

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Our team of instructors is made up of professionals that have years of real-world experience in regulated industries. They follow "best practices" guidelines to not only teach the form and function of the software but also to present the material within a problem-solving framework. This adds more value to our customers' educational experience than what they would get from a typical classroom or self-study environment.

Education Centers

Hands-on training in a classroom environment is offered at MasterControl's Education Centers, located at the company's headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah or at the European office in Basingstoke, UK. The Education Centers are working classrooms designed to help administrators, engineers, quality professionals, and others in your organization become proficient with the array of MasterControl products. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide each student with a workstation loaded with the most current applications, allowing them to explore every component of MasterControl. Courses are taught by subject matter experts from our various departments and professional services consultants that make their living in the field. Students that raise questions in class often find themselves being handed a flash drive with a solution that was just implemented at a customer's site by one of our instructors.

Our courses allow for plenty of one-on-one time with the instructors and you'll also have the opportunity to meet with colleagues in your industry and share experiences about utilizing MasterControl products. Our staff will also prepare for your visit with materials, agendas, lodging, food, and help with local travel.

Educational Materials

MasterControl offers a rich variety of instructional materials and courses designed to help both users and administrators get the most from our products and services. Instructional materials distributed at training sessions and through MasterControl's Customer Website include:

  • Flash Drives - Include presentations, courses, units, utilities, and reference information.
  • Manuals - Available within MasterControl's HELP, at the sysadmin level, creator-reviser level, and user level.
  • Courses/Units/Reference Materials - Educational materials in electronic format are available through MasterControl's Customer Website
  • Padded Notebook with Paper Pad and Pen - Provided to participants at the Salt Lake City Education Center
  • Access to Student HTTPS Training Website for One Month

On-Site Training

The Education Center can also provide training at a site of the customer's choosing. MasterControl Instructors will provide the same content and materials used at MasterControl's Corporate Headquarters. However, the examples and exercises are custom tailored to fit your specific needs. Our team will work with you in advance to ensure your facilities, equipment, and software are all properly configured before the course begins.

Train the Trainer

Larger organizations may opt for MasterControl's "Train-the-Trainer" program. This is a cost effective solution for companies that currently have or are in the process of developing their own training department. MasterControl helps these customers develop their own curriculum and certify an internal training staff.

Online Training

MasterControl offers three different online training options:

  • Instructor-Led Webinars
  • Interactive Computer-Based Training Courses
  • Pre-Recorded Training Materials

Instructor-Led Webinars - This is an excellent solution for organizations with many trainees at different locations. It is also a low-cost option for trainees that do best when a live instructor is readily available.

Interactive Computer-Based Training (CBT) Courses - CBT courses are the next best thing to sitting in front of a live instructor. These courses are interactive and can be purchased online through the shopping cart in MasterControl's Customer Website. Each of the purchased Units contains up to 15 segments of essential MasterControl tasks totaling approximately one hour of one-on-one training experience with each Unit. Other Units provide additional learned tasks that build on one another and provide the most experienced avenue of learning MasterControl products for all of your users' needs. Individually trained, each user can be supplied with a Unit that best suits his or her own requirements for using MasterControl.

Pre-Recorded Training Materials - Finally, MasterControl offers a library of pre-recorded training materials. Both administrators and general users will find a wide variety of courses, archived Webinars, and other reference materials available on a 24/7 basis.

You can find more information about MasterControl's training programs on MasterControl's Customer Website, such as:

  • A calendar of upcoming MasterControl courses
  • A means of easily scheduling and purchasing MasterControl education courses online
  • A forum for recommending and commenting to other MasterControl users on courses you have taken
  • Access to all current and past editions of MasterContro's customer newsletter
  • Access to industry white papers and recorded Webinars

Please don't hesitate to contact your if you have any questions regarding any of MasterControl's Educational Services.