Configuration Management Software Systems

A well organized configuration management software system can save companies from needless administrative errors and communication gaps.

There are many ways to define a configuration management software system and for one company it will mean something entirely different than it will for another. However, for many manufacturing and life science companies a configuration management software will commonly refer to effective BOM (Bill of Materials) controls, supplier controls, document management and/or additional proces controls.

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Configuration Management Software: Bill of Materials Management

One of the main elements of an effective configuration management software is BOM management. BOM software solutions can be an excellent way to automate the control of various BOM versions. The MasterControl BOM software for example allows users to control BOM iterations and exchange BOM-related data with company suppliers. In addition, MasterControl BOM allows all departments to view the most updated BOM iterations and related documentation. MasterControl's Configuration management software of BOM is also integrated with MasterControl Documents (document control/management system) which makes it simple for buyers and planners to view in-process changes. MasterControl BOM also makes any involved participants accountable for approved and communicated actions.

Configuration Management System: Supplier Management

Supplier configuration management system by MasterControl is becoming essential for any high-standard manufacturing enterprise and MasterControl Supplier automates the necessary supplier checks and balances so that companies can stay compliant with industry regulations and standards. For example, MasterControl Supplier allows users to easily access their AVL and all supplier documentation/records as well as centralizing all quality information (e.g., nonconforming material reports). MasterControl's Configuration management system for Supplier also stores and tracks supplier information from quality related non-conformance reports, audits, CAPAs and supplier deviations.

MasterControl Configuration Management Software

MasterControl, Inc. provides the configuration management software solutions that can automate and streamline your configuration management system. For more information regarding MasterControl's products and services, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.