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Customer Complaint Management System

Turn your customer complaints into improvement opportunities with an online tracking system that complies with postmarket regulatory requirements.

In regulated environments, customer complaints take on a higher level of significance. This is especially true when they're related to adverse events or safety issues. Effective postmarket surveillance isn't really possible with paper or hybrid systems. A cloud-based, fully automated solution tracks customer complaints through to resolution, improving your products and increasing customer satisfaction.

MasterControl Customer Complaints™

Make the most out of your complaint process with an automated solution.


Best Practice Forms and Processes


Best-practice forms provide companies with a complaint management solution that is easy to use and FDA and ISO compliant. 


Analytics Tools to Determine Root Cause


Using your complaint data and our analytics tools, you can determine if a corrective and preventive action (CAPA) is needed. You can also track and trend complaints to find out what the underlying issues are.


Complaint Management for Compliance


Proper complaint handling is good for business and essential for compliance. Learn how to turn complaints into opportunities for improvement and how to effectively resolve them.

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Complaint Management for Compliance

FDA regulations and ISO standards require a formal complaint management system. Effective complaint management is essential for informing regulators about quality issues. Regulated companies need a way to address these issues quickly. Companies worldwide use MasterControl to meet these requirements.


All Your Postmarket Processes on a Single Platform

With MasterControl Postmarket Excellence, you can manage, track and trend, and resolve complaints all on the same platform. Using the MasterControl platform connects your data to other MasterControl solutions. This simplifies related processes and ensures no information is lost through human error.

Manage your complaints and improve your product.

Comply with regulations and improve overall quality with a solution that gives you complete visibility into your complaint management.

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