Information Management System

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

A laboratory information system is technology that receives, processes, and stores laboratory information.

To learn more about how document control, process, and audit software solutions can more effectively streamline a company's laboratory information system, please view the following videos about what MasterControl customers have to say.

MasterControl Clinical Quality Management System (CQMS)™

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Many Companies are Plagued with an Inefficient Laboratory Information System

A laboratory information system is extremely valuable in scientific, laboratory-dependent environments. In fact, without a laboratory information system, a modern clinical laboratory cannot survive.

Many companies are plagued with a laboratory information system that does not provide the necessary documentation, process, and compliance controls (including training) that are critical to highly regulated environments.

MasterControl Software Solutions for Laboratory Information System

MasterControl provides document control, process management, and audit control software solutions for highly regulated environments. These solutions help streamline quality-related processes that include deviations management, nonconformance management, customer complaints handling, CAPA controls, audits, and change control procedures.

In addition to these process-based modular solutions, MasterControl provides streamlined document control and collaboration (with revision controls, reporting and analytics features) and the technology that helps to streamline compliance with regulatory requirements (in the form of GLP, GCP, CLIA, ICH, ISO, etc.).

For More Information About Laboratory Information System

For more information about the importance of a Laboratory Information System, and software that can help your company ensure regulatory compliance, please contact a MasterControl representative.