Build your own process.

Patented Builder Tool

MasterControl's patented digital production record tool is designed to do one very important thing – ensure that you don't have to redesign your processes to use our tool.

  • Set up your own structures
  • Establish re-usable global elements
  • Design sequential and parallel processes
  • Build out phase level requirements and rules
  • Establish clones and product families/recipes
  • Ensure up-to-date SOPs and work instructions
  • Embed and enforce quality events and training
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Build Your Own Process

Group your process into large sections, called Unit Procedures.

Configure predecessors at any level for parallel or serialized execution.

Configure sign-off roles and number for each unit procedure.

Decompose each unit procedure into smaller sections called operations.

Configure each operation with phases that equate to operator tasks.

Incorporate quality checks with tables, tolerances, and more.


Global elements enable sharing common elements across multiple templates.

Human-readable format ensures seamless transition to digital, increases adoption and simplifies audits.

Build out phase instructions and embed limits, process stage gates like verifications and set limits and controls.


Configure whether each phase needs a verifier, witness, neither, or both.

Configure correction options, set completion notifications, and specify authorized roles.

Specify multiple levels of data limits and corresponding actions.


100% Digital Execution

While manufacturers have invested heavily in digitization and automation, many still execute batch records, design history records and travelers manually with paper-based records. MasterControl's digital production record fully digitized shop floor data entry and production record execution so you can finally eliminate paper from your production environment.

  • Execute 100% digital production records
  • Deploy via mobile device or workstations
  • Improve data input consistency/accuracy
  • Access latest SOPs and work instructions
  • Enforce limits, controls and required training
  • Launch quality events and training in process
  • Automate corrections, verifications and signatures
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Review By Exception

Easily see which stage is being executed and the overall completion percentage.

Verify available materials, either manually or via ERP integration.

Prevent operators from performing steps before they should using dependencies.

Incorporate a variety of live production dashboards on your shop floor.


Automate and simplify the inevitable corrections.

Easily see each step of every correction.

Immediately alert operators when entered values are outside specified limits.

Speed processing by enabling multiple users to interact with the system at the same time.


Launch and link (not lose) associated quality forms.

Automatically prevent operators from performing tasks if required training is incomplete.

Operators simply click on a link to complete their required training.

Configure integrated Acceptable Quality Limits (AQL).


Materials API Link To ERP

Attach any file or image, including pictures taken from a tablet.

Provide a human readable format of the production record to auditors or others.


Review By Exception

Review of GMP paperwork continues to be an achilles heel of production – manual, time consuming and costly. MasterControl’s manufacturing excellence solution moves you closer to real time release by enabling review by exception – reducing review times and letting you get product off the floor and in market faster.

  • No need to do timely line-by-line review
  • Quickly identify and review GMP exceptions
  • Instantly reference quality events and status
  • See history of corrections, reason and approvals
  • Link to quality control lab test status and results
  • Track/trend exception cause data and correlations
Explore Review
Review By Exception

Configure your Review By Exception dashboard to show most critical exceptions for your production.

Quickly and easily review corrections that are notoriously challenging to read on paper.

Quickly and easily review images and attachments added anywhere to the production record.

Easily and quickly review all quality forms launched during execution, including their current status.


Data Driven Insights

Production records – Batch, Design History, Travelers, etc. – represent a missing or offline data set within many organizations. MasterControl is unlocking this data and making it available in real-time to drive personnel, process and site/line performance improvements.

  • Unlock hidden data
  • Visualize line/crew status
  • Connect/correlate insights
Explore Analyze
Data Driven Insights

View unlocked data from anywhere, including on tablets that display configured dashboards.

Provide live production data and dashboards for your operators and managers on the shop floor.

Enable oversight personnel to view live production dashboard information anywhere on, or off, site.


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