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Is the "Beauty" of Your Food Safety Software Systems Only Skin Deep? MasterControl's Food Safety Software Can Help You Maintain Quality Inside Out

The food safety landscape is changing rapidly. Public scrutiny has increased and stricter regulations such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) are in place. In the past, your paper-based or hybrid system may have been good enough, but today's regulatory environment demands more. It's time to dig deeper into your internal quality and compliance processes. Will you benefit from food safety software systems? Is your existing food safety system efficient and effective? Can it handle new FSMA requirements?

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Protect Your Brand with MasterControl Food Safety Software Systems

Challenges and risks abound at every step of the food supply chain. If your company is part of the farm-to-table chain, you share the responsibility of maintaining food quality and safety. MasterControl's food safety software can help you prevent quality issues and protect your brand through:

Automation and Standardization: MasterControl food safety software systems will automate and standardize the recordkeeping process and store all critical documents in a centralized, web-based location for easy search, tracking, and retrieval. Every employee, supplier, consultant, and stakeholder involved in implementing your food safety plan (including HACCP) will find the most up-to-date documents in one place.

Accountability and Transparency: Tasks for every employee and team member (including contractors and suppliers) will be transparent under the MasterControl food safety software systems, increasing individual accountability. Assignment and tracking of tasks will be faster and easier. No task will get lost in a pile of paper or e-mail messages.

Faster Turnaround: An electronic food safety system greatly speeds up the process of routing, reviewing, and approving documents and forms. Any delays by individual users will be transparent and can be immediately addressed and escalated for faster turnaround.

Connectivity: MasterControl food safety software systems connect all quality processes, making tracking of quality incidents easier. For example, a customer complaint entered into the system may launch a CAPA directly, streamlining the CAPA process. The training process could be integrated, so when a CAPA is approved, it could automatically invoke training for the appropriate personnel.

Mobility: Using MasterControl Mobile in conjunction with MasterControl food safety software systems will allow your team members to access information from the system using tablets and smartphones. They don't need to be in front of a computer in the office to input information or participate in a quality process. They will be able to capture quality incidents as they occur on site (factory, farm, processing center, etc.).

Inspection Readiness: By automating your quality management processes and food safety system, you will always be ready for inspection and your processes will be transparent to inspectors.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities with MasterControl Food Safety Software Systems

Challenges and risks abound at every step of the food supply chain. If your company is part of the farm-to-table chain, you share the responsibility of maintaining food quality and safety. MasterControl food safety software systems can help you turn your challenges into opportunities by:

Improving Overall Efficiency: Automation of your food safety system is key to streamlining processes, saving time, and speeding up completion of tasks.

Increasing Productivity: Connectivity improves coordination and collaboration among different stakeholders, both internal (employees) and external (suppliers, consultants, auditors, etc.)

Reducing Compliance Costs: By investing in food safety software systems, you will be able prevent quality issues that could potentially lead to food recalls and maintain a constant state of compliance, reducing your overall costs.

Maintaining Quality Inside Out with MasterControl Food Safety Software Systems

Being proactive in improving your quality processes is the best strategy for protecting your brand and preventing food safety adverse events. With MasterControl food safety software, you can be confident that your system will be able to:

  • Manage risks across the supply chain, include critical suppliers in compliance processes, and show their accountability.
  • Capture quality incidents immediately using mobile devices.
  • Access and control all critical food safety plan documentation from a centralized web-based food safety system.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness of all quality processes (nonconformances, CAPA, change control, etc.).

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