Oil, Gas & Mining Change Control Software Systems

MasterControl Offers Oil, Gas & Mining Change Control Software Systems to Automate Change Control Procedures to Comply with ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 Quality Control Requirements

In the ISO environment, the concept of change control is closely interweaved with conformance. ISO-certified oil and gas companies and contractors are expected to establish change control procedures as a way of improving overall product quality. ISO 9000 requires management to examine all changes that might affect the quality system and ISO 9000 can be achieved with the help of MasterControl's oil, gas and mining change control systems. ISO 14000 requires correction of nonconformities, including modification of documents, and at the same time maintaining procedures to control documents.

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The Importance of Oil, Gas and Mining Change Control Software

Companies in oil, gas and mining industries are aware of the safety and environmental aspects related to their business. Because of this, the majority of these companies are focusing their attention on compliance with FDA and ISO regulations that help them address, control, and prevent some of the harshest challenges faced in their businesses. Paper-based or hybrid change control systems lack the infrastructure necessary to perform the simplest to the most complex functions. Bearing the intricacies of procedures in mind, companies are now shifting their existing business processes toward software systems that are able to facilitate change control automatically and with the least amount of effort.

MasterControl oil, gas, and mining change control software is specifically designed to aid companies in planning, approving and implementing changes to their existing standard operating procedures without disrupting the flow of events in the system.

The MasterControl Oil, Gas, and Mining Change Control System is Automated

The basic advantage of incorporating change control software is that these solutions are able to ease the burden of employees responsible for change control processes. For this reason, MasterControl oil, gas, and mining change control software is completely web-based and automates all tasks pertaining to change control, including notification, follow-up, and escalation of overdue assignments. This is a handy option for employees to ensure that the change is well received at the enterprise level since automation is a convenient way of performing similar tasks that are repeated in a specific flow.

MasterControl oil, gas, and mining change control systems include pre-configured multi-page forms that facilitate the tracking and collection of data from various sources. Instead of repetitive manual data entry, the same data is automatically entered in forms, which also eliminates any chances of error. Implementing a change is always a tricky procedure which is why MasterControl software ensures that these forms aid in various stages of the change control process including the submission, evaluation, approval/ rejection, implementation, verification, and close of projects and tasks.

Change is initiated through various sources such as customer complaints, internal / external audits, demand of customers, etc. This is why regulatory guidelines stress the importance of properly documenting the intended changes and ensuring that they are published across the enterprise so that employees are made aware of procedural changes before enacting them in the system. To respond to this need, MasterControl software has been designed to allow authorized users to check-out documents and collaborate with others to make revisions to draft documents within the oil, gas, and mining change control software system. Upon completion, the system's lifecycle management functionality automatically sends the updated copy through an approval route, ensures that impacted users are trained on changes, and forces the newly approved version to bump the obsolete document to archive status where retention rules come into effect.

MasterControl Oil, Gas, and Mining Change Control Systems Ensure Effective Collaboration

As the MasterControl oil, gas, and mining change control system is web-based, it provides employees, vendors, customers, and various other stakeholders with ready access to the system and enables them to participate in the planning and implementation of change processes. The online platform also serves as a shared repository which makes the electronic signing off of documents a relatively simple task. In manual systems, management has to see to it that the concerned personnel have viewed and approved any alterations. However, with MasterControl oil, gas, and mining change control software the documents are routed to concerned personnel and re-directed to the next manager in line in case of any delay. This invariably speeds up the approval process. The documents can also be appended with name, date, and time as per business requirements.

In order to bring a holistic approach to quality management, tasks can also be made dependent on completion of other tasks. This introduces a flow of tasks / events with respect to their occurrence or sequence in the system. The solution also provides a dynamic tree that enlists the dependency and relationship of processes within the change control system.

In order to provide management with better control, MasterControl's oil, gas, and mining change control software system automates the launching of forms. For example, a change submission form can be launched directly from another form, such as a corrective/preventive action (CAPA) form. Pertinent information from the CAPA form will be automatically entered into the change submission, thereby reducing data entry and reducing lag time. Links are maintained so users can review a completed process and see what triggered the change.

MasterControl Oil, Gas, and Mining Change Control Software Provides Necessary Insight

MasterControl oil, gas, and mining change control software is designed to accommodate not just the basic needs of change control processes but also to provide management with a basic framework of change control information on which to base important business decisions. MasterControl software is proficient in conducting flawless searches through standardized Google-like search windows that the majority of users are already familiar with. Each department can save documents in separate Explorers that help in differentiating between data of various departments. Administrators can easily maintain these folders with the help of dynamic links. Moreover, to accommodate tasks of departments, MasterControl change control software can be integrated with various applications including ERP, LIMS, accounting, and human resource applications.

MasterControl oil, gas, and mining change control software even helps top level executives put the software to use. The system's advanced analytics and reporting tools provide the ability to dynamically capture, trend, and link data needed to solve problems and improve processes. Data can be summarized in multiple levels, so change orders can be reported by product, department, root cause, or other criteria.

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