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MasterControl Offers Software for Audit Management Controls that Meet Any Company's Needs.

Every company has its own needs for audit management controls depending on its magnitude, market audience, and products. The majority of audit software in the market only caters to a specific set of businesses rather than being focused on a broad spectrum of companies with varying requirements. To gain a competitive edge, however, most companies must manufacture products that cater to different market segments. Evaluating the performance of different business areas in such companies can be difficult, which is why management often must implement disparate audit systems. To avoid such a dilemma, companies have the option of integrating an audit software solution that can accommodate many types of audit programs based on organizational need.

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Addressing Varied Requirements of Audit Management Controls from MasterControl

MasterControl Audit offers a spectrum of software solutions for audit management controls based on the type of audits that apply to your organization.

Audit software should fulfill both basic as well as advanced requirements of any type of audit. The first objective is to properly plan a flawless audit, whether it is internal or external, that produces concrete results. In order to design an audit program that best fits the company requirements, management can make use of an audit software solution that allows for the customization of different audit management controls. MasterControl Audit provides companies with easy-to-use audit management controls that can be modified to meet the demands of any business.

The recipe for conducting smooth audits is to document every step of the audit program. In paper-based or hybrid systems, the retrieval of audit-related documentation is usually extremely time-consuming, which can result in failing an external audit. MasterControl Audit is completely web-based and allows for the storage of audit-related documentation that is easily accessible to users through secure login credentials. Auditors use the web-based system to conduct entire audit programs remotely and record every audit activity using advanced tracking functionality.

MasterControl Provides Automated Solution for Audit Management Controls

Manually planning an audit and its related audit management controls can be a hassle. Most of the audit management software available in the market lacks the capability to allow auditors to run multiple audits simultaneously and store results and prepare findings for analysis. MasterControl Audit allows users to execute audits with overlapping date ranges as well as store all the findings through the extensive forms available in the system.

Auditors can schedule audit programs and related activities that recur on according to specific cycles and ranges. The audit management controls built into the MasterControl system automate the routing and following-up of audit task assignments. Therefore, less human intervention is required while performing audit activities since they are automatically performed by the MasterControl system. Therefore, the auditor has complete oversight over the audit program and can ensure that all audit processes run smoothly.

Integrated Audit Management Controls by MasterControl

Once findings are stored in the system, the next step is to analyze the results. With the automated audit management controls available through the MasterControl Audit solution, management can generate and customize reports that can be used to track and improve audit processes. The advanced analytics and reporting features also are useful in helping managers and executives assess efficiency and usage of resources. This capability paints an accurate picture of the entire audit process and forms the basis for devising strategies for the improvement of business processes.

Not only is MasterControl's software for audit management control easy to use, it can also be easily integrated with other MasterControl software solutions such as those designed for document control, change control, training management, CAPA, and other crucial processes. This capability to seamlessly integrate with other solutions is vital to successful growth and can mark the beginning of measurable improvements in business processes for the organization.

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To cater to diverse audit needs, MasterControl Audit provides the very best audit management controls available in the market. To learn more about our audit solutions and which type of audit management control software is right for your organization, please contact a MasterControl representative.