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Focus on Your Business, Not Technology with a Cloud-based Quality Management System (QMS)

All regulated companies, regardless of industry, must implement an effective quality management system (QMS) to ensure product safety. While an electronic QMS is more efficient, and can increase your competitive advantage, the large up-front capital expenses associated with traditional on-premise software may be prohibitive to some organizations. Fortunately, MasterControl also offers a hosted on-demand cloud-based quality management system solution that allow users to access the same robust, secure automated system being enjoyed by hundreds of regulated companies worldwide (not a "lite" version) without having to invest in more expensive infrastructure or employ and train a large internal IT staff. Furthermore, because our cloud-based QMS is deployed quickly over the Internet, you are able to start improving your compliance goals - and reduce time to market - almost immediately.

MasterControl Quality Management System (QMS) Overview

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The Importance of Choosing an Experienced Cloud-based Quality Management System Provider

Cloud computing is all the rage these days, and it's easy to understand why. Shifting your company's critical applications to the cloud rather than opting for traditional on-premise software ownership offers significant benefits: cost savings, time savings, increased agility, and better quality of service - just to name a few. But not all cloud-based quality management system providers are created equal, and it's important to select a provider that understands the unique challenges and security concerns of highly regulated companies. MasterControl's subscription based-cloud solution, which is run centrally from a SSAE 16-certified hosting facility, has been helping companies in the life sciences and manufacturing industries leverage the advantages of cloud computing and achieve their business and compliance goals since 2005. And unlike most "affordable" options you hear about, the MasterControl's offerings do not force you to sacrifice quality.

Here are just a few high-level advantages MasterControl's cloud-based QMS can offer you:

  • Low Capital Expenses - Our cloud-based model means you can upgrade to the electronic QMS you want (and need) instead of sticking with an inadequate, inefficient paper-based system or succumbing to an inferior automated system just because it's what you can afford in the Cap-Ex model. Predictable subscription-based payments based on the number of users accessing the service means there are no surprises or unforeseen IT expense increases to contend with; this makes budgeting easier.
  • Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access - The MasterControl cloud-based quality management system offering is, by definition, remotely accessibly, yet enabled in a highly secure environment. Anywhere, anytime access allows geographically separated teams to enjoy greater collaboration with colleagues and suppliers.
  • Quick, Easy Deployment - Since our cloud-based QMS solution is delivered over the Internet, which completely eliminates the need for installation and set-up at your facility, implementation is fast and easy. This ability to get up and running quickly can jumpstart your compliance efforts and deliver a much faster (and higher) return on investment.
  • Increased Business Agility - MasterControl's scalable infrastructure makes it easy to add more users and/or increase storage as your business needs grow or change. For example, you may opt to begin with a minimal number of users and/or a single QMS application like MasterControl Documents™ and later expand to different departments and/or add more applications, such as MasterControl Training and MasterControl Process™, as needed. MasterControl's cloud-based quality management system solution provides infinite scalability, so there is little planning required on your part.
  • Decreased IT Headaches - No local infrastructure eliminates the need to invest in a large internal IT staff and allows your existing team to avoid the on-going IT maintenance hassles of traditional on-premise ownership. Software installation, configuration, and connectivity policies and procedures are provided by MasterControl experts who understand your compliance concerns. In addition, free application upgrades and system patches are provided, so you never have to worry about upgrading aging technology. And our cloud-based QMS offers a 99.95% system uptime guarantee.
Closed loop quality management system process flow using MasterControl's Enterprise Quality Management Software System (EQMS)

MasterControl's Cloud-based Quality Management System Benefits Everyone in Your Organization

Delivering unprecedented low cost and high value, MasterControl's cloud-based quality management system solution is ideal for any size of company, from small start-ups to large multinationals. It can help you save money and maximize resources across all departments throughout the enterprise. Here are some of the many benefits our cloud-based QMS can offer to your organization:

Management / Executive Benefits:

  • Allows you to focus on growing your business and focus your IT resources on other critical projects
  • Low monthly subscription fee allows for easier budgeting - you simply pay for our cloud-based quality management system solution as you go without the traditional up-front software fees
  • Provides you with real-time enterprise-wide visibility and insight for better decision-making
  • Enables you to automate business processes, streamline operations, and accelerate time to market
  • Helps you achieve your compliance goals and maintain brand equity

User Benefits:

  • Affords you the same robust QMS leveraged by hundreds of regulated companies worldwide (our cloud-based QMS is not a "watered-down" or "lite version" of our existing premise-based solution) without the upfront investment in hardware and infrastructure
  • Provides you with real-time enterprise-wide visibility and insight to improve your operational performance
  • Automates and streamlines your manual quality processes
  • Anywhere, anytime access allows you to enjoy greater collaboration and productivity

IT Benefits:

  • Allows you to avoid having to invest in expensive infrastructure or add pressure to your existing staff because all IT administration is handled for you
  • Our cloud-based quality management system solution offers advanced security features at the network, server, and application levels ensure that your data is safe and secure, giving you increased peace-of-mind
  • Offers you premium back-up and disaster recovery procedures that exceed the capacities of most in-house IT staff and systems
  • Allows you to easily increase or decrease memory and bandwidth as needed
  • Helps you avoid having to pay for and power tons of space-consuming IT equipment
  • Provides you with free application upgrades and systems patches

For More Information about MasterControl's Cloud-based Quality Management System Solution

For more information about MasterControl's cloud-based QMS, feel free to contact a MasterControl representative online or call us toll free at 800-825-9117.