SAP Enterprise Resource Planning

SAP Enterprise Resource Planning

SAP is the largest provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and is a particularly important player in manufacturing-based industries that incorporate complex production processes and regulatory requirements. SAP is also the name of the ERP system the company created. With the advent of cloud-based resource planning solutions, manufacturers are finding that they can and must drive cost savings and efficiencies with more robust tools that augment their SAP ERP implementations and better monitor, control, and streamline the production processes.

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What is SAP Enterprise Resource Planning?

SAP enterprise resource planning software is one of the most popular ERP packages in the world, consisting of both onsite and cloud-based systems targeting large and midsize businesses. ERP systems are used to control supply chains and monitor material inventory levels while incorporating oversight of other enterprise-level assets, such as staffing levels and financial resources. Evolving out of material resource planning (MRP) and manufacturing requirement planning (MRP II) systems and incorporating the functionality of these earlier methodologies, ERP can provide comprehensive resource monitoring and reporting capabilities to production managers and engineers.

What Are the Features of SAP ERP?

SAP enterprise resource planning software has seen wide adoption not only in manufacturing but also government, finance, and health sciences. Effective planning tools provide a number of key benefits to organizations, including:

  • Reporting and analysis. Reports, analyses, and forecasts can be augmented with the wide breadth of information ERPs collect, improving accuracy and impact.

  • Standardized language. ERP systems can help enforce a single, standard “language” across previously-disconnected business areas.

  • Quality and Efficiency. When coupled with robust shop floor control systems and schedule development solutions, an ERP can drive improved quality inspection and issue resolution, as well as greater efficiency on a process level.

While these benefits are significant, the impacts can be limited by an organization’s ability to integrate their other tracking, validation, and documentation systems with the SAP ERP implementation.

How MasterControl Complements Your Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

As your company embarks (or continues) on its digital transformation and smart manufacturing journeys, MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence solutions have high potential to optimize, automate, and streamline your company’s manufacturing processes.

Our component-based software tools integrate with, upgrade, and can significantly improve the value and functionality of your existing software tools, incorporating 21st century features, efficiencies, and situational awareness to complement your onsite or cloud-based SAP enterprise resource planning installation:

  • Streamline systems. Relying on piecemeal software to manage and monitor different resources can expend time, impede usability, and limit the usefulness of your ERP. Our tools can help you replace or integrate several systems, driving efficiency and cost savings.

  • Automate documentation and batch record generation. Many manufacturing processes rely on time-consuming and error-prone manual entry to document processes and compile batch records. MasterControl gives you the power to create electronically fillable forms, substantially improving your recordkeeping processes.

  • Drive adoption with user-friendly, responsive interfaces. MES and MOM systems have confusing interfaces and may only be accessible to a small subset of your manufacturing team. By contrast, our solutions are easy to use and feature responsive interfaces, driving adoption and usage not only on dedicated workstations but via smartphone, tablet, and shop floor interfaces.

  • Gain real-time insight and monitoring. Modern interfaces, electronic documentation, and integrated systems come together to generate a higher volume of more up-to-date data that can support your monitoring and reporting needs. This data can then feed into your SAP ERP platform, improving your ability to develop schedules, anticipate inventory needs, and detect production issues.

  • Improve regulatory and cGxP compliance. Production and quality engineers at manufacturing-based companies are often required to comply with extensive, complex regulatory requirements into the production process, while also adhering to current good practices (cGxP) specific to their industry. Manufacturing Excellence makes it easier to incorporate these requirements into your SAP enterprise resource planning solution workflows, driving long-term cost savings and avoiding costly audits or nonconformance events.

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