Electronic Batch Record System (EBR Software)

MasterControl Electronic Batch Records EBR™ has all the features you need.

With electronic batch record (EBR) software, you will still have the familiar look of paper and none of the headaches. Eliminate illegible handwriting or entries in the wrong fields. Enforce data limits so incorrect entries are rejected. Fix errors as they happen and not during review. Save time with templates configured to your unique needs. Automate routing, notification, escalation and approval. Leverage EBR software to simplify compliance and get products to market faster.

MasterControl Electronic Batch Records™ (EBR)

Explore the advantages of our EBR software.


Connect processes and improve quality.


Track and control all records and documentation.


Route forms where you need them. Save time with e-signatures.


Capture accurate data. Use it for analysis and reporting.

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The Competitive Advantage of Going Paperless

MasterControl EBR is making paperless production a reality for manufacturing companies across all industries. See how one contract manufacturer is going all-in on digital transformation with the help of MasterControl’s electronic batch records software – and experiencing real results.


The Measurable Results of Digitization

MasterControl EBR enables 100% paperless manufacturing. This eliminates time-consuming and costly issues caused by manual processes. In addition to improving efficiency, you will be able to know the impact of EBR on product quality and site performance. Learn about the results MasterControl customers have achieved and how you can start measuring metrics that matter.

Streamline production and get the results you want.

Automate your batch records for greater efficiency and worry-free compliance.

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