Unifying MES and ERP Elevates Overall Enterprise Performance

Unifying MES and ERP Elevates Overall Enterprise Performance

Historically, manufacturing companies established clearly defined boundaries between front office and production area tasks. Production processes are commonly managed using a manufacturing execution system (MES), which is more suitable for tasks like production planning, supply chain management, inventory, materials management, and quality control. Front office processes, such as financial and human resource management, are often performed using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence™
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Why Combine MES and ERP Systems?

Barriers in organizational communication and data flow can lead to duplicated efforts, overlapping documents, errors, and production delays. To overcome these barriers, it’s important for all business units to have full visibility of all enterprise functions. Combining MES and ERP functionality enables your enterprise to store, distribute, and share data in real time using a single data repository.

Why MasterControl for MES and ERP Solutions?

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution augments the capabilities of ERP and MES systems for a more comprehensive visibility and more detailed management of your overall business strategies, including supply chain, production, and business operations. The following are some of the process-specific benefits of MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution:

  • Streamlined Workflows

    Improve production performance, accelerate cycle times, and drive continuous improvement initiatives. Automating critical business and operational functions helps your entire organization achieve higher production quality and more customer satisfaction.

  • Team Collaboration

    MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution fosters more transparent collaboration. Whether your entire enterprise is housed within a single building or has multiple, geographically dispersed locations, approved stakeholders from any business unit can immediately access and share up-to-date data. All business units can have more granularity with analytics and department-specific reports, enabling stakeholders to make more informed decisions. This helps eliminate errors, control costs, and reduce manufacturing cycle times.

  • Efficient Documentation Management

    Automatically generate accurate, detailed, and customizable manufacturing documentation, such as standard operating procedures (SOPs), product history records, batch records, reports, and more.

  • Consistent Infrastructure

    MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution is easy to customize and establish the same look and feel for all process interfaces and templates across the enterprise. You can standardize all internal and external assets and deliverables of all business units around your company’s brand.


Features and Benefits of MasterControl

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution provides innovative digital process automation for more effective cross-functional enterprise and manufacturing management. Leverage predictive analytics to become more agile and quickly adapt to production variations and changing market conditions. Your organization can benefit from better collaboration, more accurate production planning and forecasting, and measurable ROI.

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