Audit Management Reports

MasterControl's Audit Solution Provides Audit Management Reports to Give Upper Management a Window into the Health of an Organization's Processes

Audit management reports help multiple departments and quality groups resolve audit findings or outstanding quality issues to improve a company's overall quality program.

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Audit Management Reports Provide Internal Control

A thorough, accurate audit management report provides a company with the information it needs to have a more effective quality management system. Regardless of audit frequency or detail, an effective electronic audit management software system-one that provides instant access to comprehensive audit management reports-can help a company efficiently manage the entire audit process from beginning to end.

MasterControl's Audit Management Reports

MasterControl's audit solution, MasterControl Audit, features the following:

  • Centralized web-based repository to store all audit documentation
  • Advanced tracking capabilities available in all audit management reports;
  • Automated scheduling of recurring audit-related activities;
  • Automated audit task assignment and follow-up;
  • Advanced analytics and an audit management reports that can be customized and incorporate online charting.

The audit management reports generated by the MasterControl solution can be configured to seamlessly interact with the rest of the quality system. Areas of impact include, but are not limited to:

  • Document Control
  • Change Control
  • Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Training Management and Tracking
  • Customer Complaints
  • And others...

Audit Management Reports: The Foundation of a Successful Audit

The ability to conduct timely and effectual audits-as well as the ability to provide accurate and timely audit management reports-is vital to business success for companies doing business in regulatory environments. The MasterControl Audit management system is designed to meet the needs of such organizations through the automation of resource management and scheduling, audit management report activities, and activity workflows. The system also features advanced CAPA functionality that enables a CAPA to follow multiple workflows within the same audit.

Accommodating organizations of any size and scope, MasterControl Audit helps management gain the much needed insight into multiple internal business areas, each having its own separate needs which can be double checked through audit management reports. MasterControl Audit is web-based, meaning that all employees in various departments may collaborate on and contribute to an audit from virtually anywhere. Completely flexible in configuration, the software allows for the generation of audit management reports that meet needs of any business, from the basic to the most advanced. Management can accommodate any quality group by differentiating relevant business areas. This delineation helps enhance manageability and improve attention to details for each department. Ultimately, this allows management to study and appropriately respond to audit management reports specific to each area.

The audit management reporting feature of MasterControl is fully automated. This minimizes human error and produces accurate results that can be verified electronically. MasterControl Audit centralizes information about suppliers connected to the audit process. Since the software stores all audit related information on a consolidated electronic platform, companies can be assured of secure audit trail information and easy access to all audit-related data. The audit process can be carefully monitored at every stage, which serves as the basis of a solid audit trail for tracking even the minutest of details and otherwise overlooked findings. Once findings are recorded, management can generate audit management reports to analyze the root causes of these issues in the system.

MasterControl Audit is a complete audit management solution that streamlines the entire audit process and ensures a compliant environment for conducting business. An effectual audit process is the foundation for identifying, tracking, and resolving issues in the system. Companies can comply with FDA and ISO regulations by eliminating any occurrences of non-conformity from their daily practices. For continuous improvement of processes and procedures, management relies on an efficient audit program that can promise control and positive organizational evolution. With features such as automated response entry, digital signatures, and automated email notification, MasterControl Audit keeps management up-to-date about the ongoing audit process at every stage.

While generating audit management reports, management is able to take into account a sample of records that may be extensively studied to obtain concrete results about the status of the organization. MasterControl's audit management reports software ensures the supply of accurate sample data that is derived from a larger pool of information. Management can then implement practices for enhancing the quality of standard operating procedures (SOPs). On the basis of these data samples, management can immediately set CAPA procedures into motion in order to combat potential risks. These CAPAs not only minimize but may even eliminate the occurrence of risks from the system. With MasterControl Audit, management can be assured of a healthy audit program that boosts overall efficiency and helps companies achieve and maintain compliance.

For More Information on Audit Management Reports

Please contact a MasterControl representative for more information about the audit management reporting software for an internal audit that can help your life science or high-tech company.