State of Digital Maturity in Pharma and Medtech Manufacturing

The research results are in.

MasterControl conducted a study to learn why many companies in one of the most innovative industries are still functioning with manual, paper-based processes. Read the report to find out how your competitors are implementing digital manufacturing solutions and gaining an edge in the market.

  • Find out why 65% of pharma and medtech companies are accelerating their move to digital maturity.
  • Learn about where your competitors are positioned within the digital manufacturing maturity model.
  • Discover how your competitors’ digital manufacturing maturity is impacting all pharma and medtech manufacturing.

Why Use Digital Manufacturing Solutions?


Streamline Enterprise Management

Now is the time to start breaking down organizational silos. Find out how digital MES software helps connect and unite your business units for a more cohesive manufacturing operation.


Why Is Digital Transformation Important in Manufacturing?

Digital transformation significantly improves the speed and quality of product manufacturing for pharma and medtech companies. Paper-based processes pose a higher risk of errors and delays.


What Are New Digital Trends in Manufacturing?

New digital trends in manufacturing give companies the ability to access and use more data. Organizations gain an edge in the market by being able to analyze the data faster and better than their competitors.


What Are Examples of Digital Manufacturing Solutions?

Examples of digital manufacturing solutions include modern manufacturing execution systems (MES), which enable manufacturers to feasibly and affordably deploy MES technology on all lines and sites.

The Future of Pharma and Medtech Manufacturing

A report on the manufacturing maturity model defines the four different stages of the transformation to digital maturity. Read the research report to learn about where your competitors are in their digital transformation and how it is helping them emerge as industry leaders.

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