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Work instructions are vital to any organization. Equally vital is that instructions are standardized and kept up to date with only the most recent version being used. A document management system makes this possible by controlling the document and providing a way to track document versions and changes.

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Manufacturing Work Instructions

Precision is key in manufacturing. Precision comes from employees knowing exactly what is expected of them and how to perform their tasks. Well-written manufacturing work instructions ensure employees are all on the same page and that you have standardized quality management across your organization.

Tips for Writing Work Instructions

  • Clear: Make sure the language used is straightforward, simple, and consistent. Include definitions of terms, as well as a simple process flowchart if it will help with understanding the instructions.
  • Concise: Keep your work instructions short. Only use as much text as you need to explain the process.
  • Consistent: Use a standard format for all your work instructions. Many templates are available, or you may wish to create your own.
  • Current: Only make the most current version of the work instructions available to employees and put measures in place to track versions of the document.

Electronic Work Instruction Software

Even though we live in an electronic age, many companies still use printed work instructions to train employees and guide them through processes. Electronic work instruction software has many advantages over paper, such as version control, automated routing, and document reporting features. Web-based work instructions allow multiple sites to access a centralized document, as well as immediately receive all document updates.

Processes vs. Procedures vs. Work Instructions

  • Processes: A process describes the activities needed to accomplish a certain business objective. Depending on the complexity of the process, it may or may not have procedures and work instructions.
  • Procedures: A procedure describes how the tasks that make up a process are carried out. Depending on the complexity of the procedure, it may or may not have work instructions associated with it.
  • Work Instructions: Work instructions explain how to practically and safely accomplish a task. If work instructions are confusing or not followed properly, the result can be production delays or damage to equipment or products.

MasterControl and Work Instructions

MasterControl Documents™ allows companies to manage work instructions in a web-based, centralized system that provides version control, automated routing, and document reporting features. Users can also collaborate on work instructions by reviewing, revising, commenting on, and approving documents without leaving their work station. The solution also streamlines collaboration tasks, such as routing documents, follow-ups, and approvals.

MasterControl & The FDA

Organizations all over the world use MasterControl software solutions to ensure compliance – including organizations that enforce compliance. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) became a MasterControl customer in 2009. Since then, the FDA has expanded its use and now multiple divisions of the agency use MasterControl software solutions.

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