Don't wait! 4 Reasons You Need Electronic Production Records Now

Achieve higher performance and shorter lead times through digital manufacturing maturity.

Electronic production records give you a holistic view of your manufacturing operations, which is essential to achieving your key performance indicators (KPls), such as zero manufacturing defects, faster time to market, higher customer satisfaction, a competitive advantage, etc. Read this industry brief and you will learn how:

  • Electronic production records boost manufacturing efficiency.
  • Integrating production records enable real-time data visibility.
  • Digital maturity reduces operating costs and supports long-term growth.

The Value of Electronic Production Records


How do electronic production records benefit the life sciences industry?

Electronic production records reduce errors and batch review times, getting your safe and effective products out to customers and patients faster.


How do electronic production records facilitate compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP)?

Electronic production records simplify and streamline companies’ compliance with GMP audit trails, reporting, electronic signatures, and security requirements.


How does paperless manufacturing improve efficiency and productivity?

Paperless manufacturing eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes such as entering data, reconciling records, and tracking standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Improve Production With Paperless Manufacturing

Life sciences companies are held to high regulatory standards, so it’s imperative that all business units are in sync — particularly manufacturing and quality. See how medical device remanufacturer, Northeast Scientific, achieved this using digital production records.

Why Adopt Digital Production Records Now?

The manufacturing challenges you face won’t wait for you to get prepared. Read this industry brief and find out why your future success relies on digital manufacturing maturity.

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