Employee Development Training

Employee development training allows employees to achieve their best in their work environment.

Believe it or not, there are many companies that fall short when it comes to planning for and executing employee development training. Some companies may say that a lack of training is necessary due to cost restrictions but in the long run it's the company itself that will suffer.

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MasterControl Employee Development Training

MasterControl employee development training system allows users to automate and streamline all training processes for greater company efficiency and greater satisfaction on the part of company employees.

MasterControl Training also allows users to automate the delivery of all employee development training tasks and to route those tasks on various customizable routes. Users can also take advantage of the solution's automated escalations and follow-ups (when employees don't complete training courses) and can connect one training course to another so that when an employee completes one training task the next task in the series is automatically delivered to him or her.

Keep in mind that MasterControl Training is especially valuable for highly regulated companies as it can be integrated with quality processes for employee development training. For example, when a corrective action (e.g., an engineering change) is determined and triggers a new SOP then MasterControl Training will automatically be triggered to produce a new employee development training course for that SOP. When employee development training tasks are complete the training verifier will be notified automatically.

Additional Benefits of Employee Development Training Software

Additional benefits of the MasterControl employee development training solution include the following:

  • Provides a centralized repository (web-based) for all employee development training documentation;
  • Provides access to trainees' personal records, upcoming training tasks (and due dates);
  • Provides advanced reporting and analytics capabilities including customizable reports and charts

For More Information about Employee Development Training Software

For more information regarding employee development training and employee development training automation, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.