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Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA)

Corrective action/preventive action (CAPA) is the key to continuous improvement in an organization.

Corrective action/preventive action (CAPA) basically consists of retroactive or proactive improvement. Corrective action is a company’s efforts to fix a mistake and keep it from happening again. Preventive action is when a company anticipates a problem and takes measures to avoid or mitigate it. Effective CAPA procedures are key to a company's quality improvement efforts.

Simplifying CAPA: Seven Steps

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From Paper to Completely Digital


Finding the Root Cause


From CAPA to Innovation

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Avoiding Death by CAPA

Companies overwhelm themselves when they decide to turn every issue into a CAPA. In some cases, issues can be resolved more effectively in a much less formal way. When everything becomes a CAPA, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Fortunately, effective CAPA tools and reports can be found in robust software systems.


CAPA Management Software

CAPA is an important part of improving quality in an organization. So, it makes sense to connect it to your other quality processes. MasterControl CAPA is part of our integrated, fully digital quality management solution. Companies use our system to track if an issue warrants a CAPA and to ensure proper resolution.

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