What is an Enterprise Resource Planning Application?

An enterprise resource planning (ERP) application is a modular business process management solution that integrates and automates core office management processes, such as human resources, accounting, inventory, and order management. A key benefit of operations management technology is a centralized database, which enables all business units to store and share data in real time. Implementing an ERP application can help your company better organize and manage all business functions.

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It’s not uncommon for the various departments in an organization to use operations management applications with functionality specific to their department’s purposes. This disconnected, or siloed, method of operation is inherently inefficient, often resulting in errors and duplicated information. However, enterprise resource planning applications are primarily useful for office-based and inventory management tasks. Manufacturing operations are more complex. Shop floor management involves many logistical tasks, such as machine maintenance and repairs, parts and inventory, supply chain, production workflows, change management, production crew management, and quality control. Effective shop floor management relies on comprehensive and detailed data to better oversee all variations and make more informed decisions. Therefore, manufacturing operations require a more robust business process management application beyond what an ERP can fully accommodate.

Features of ERP Applications

Given the scope and complexity of shop floor processes, manufacturing operations can experience blind spots, gaps in data, and communication barriers among key stakeholders throughout the manufacturing business units. It’s important for all business entities to have full visibility of the entire enterprise and have access to the same data. This includes the ability to bridge between the shop floor, inventory, and the front office. This type of integration and collaboration with an ERP application is valuable for precision tasks, such as making pricing decisions, procurement, and engaging in customer relations management (CRM).

More than the ability to share data in real time, the collected data includes more in-depth metadata, which allows for more predictive analytics, more informed decision-making, and reduced cycle times. Here are some of the features of using a solution like MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution:

Optimize Workflows – Automating critical business and operational functions reduces errors, accelerates production cycle times, and elevates continuous improvement efforts. This helps your entire organization achieve objectives for higher quality and customer satisfaction.

Full Visibility and Collaboration – Your manufacturing facilities may be housed in one building or spread across multiple locations. Having a single data repository for both ERP and manufacturing processes enables all stakeholders to simultaneously review and modify information assets, such as SOPs, production schedules, and user documents.

Precision Data Analytics and Reporting – An ERP system enables you to collect the most up-to-date and in-depth data, which includes the metadata required for optimization, traceability and quality control. As a result, you have the advantage of more granular analytics and reporting for better decision-making.

Consistency – ERP Systems let you customize interfaces and templates to establish a standardized look and feel with all workstations as well as all internal and external documents and deliverables.

Why MasterControl for ERP Applications

MasterControl’s Manufacturing Excellence Solution augments the capabilities of your ERP system for a more comprehensive view of your overall organization. This lets you address gaps in supply chain, product lifecycle management (PLM), manufacturing operations management (MOM), and shop floor management. It also provides new levels of automation that streamlines critical aspects of your operation, including data collection and distribution, reporting, project planning, production, and quality control.

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