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Manufacturing Excellence ROI Calculator

How much are you wasting on outdated manufacturing processes?

The cost of inefficient processes could be more than you think. Paper-based manufacturing processes contribute to nearly 50% of warning letters. Modern manufacturing solutions like Manufacturing Excellence save companies up to $20,000 per week. See how much you could lower your operating costs using our manufacturing ROI calculator:

  • Understand the factors used to determine your MES system ROI.
  • See exactly where your unnecessary spending is and how to eliminate it.
  • Learn what you can save within the first year.

How Companies Like Yours Are Saving with MasterControl


Save $20,000 Per Week

On average, customers save an estimated $20,000 per week when they remove paper from production with Manufacturing Excellence. 


Manufacturing ROI in Less Than 12 Months

Manufacturing Excellence customers typically see initial ROI in less than 12 months, driven by labor efficiency, error reduction, and accelerated quality review.


Millions Saved Within the First 5 Years

Beyond initial MES system ROI, Manufacturing Excellence drives long-term value through sustainable operational improvements. 

How much can Manufacturing Excellence save you?

Try our manufacturing ROI calculator and find out how much your organization could save with MasterControl’s modern MES solution.

Calculate Your Savings

Try Our Manufacturing ROI Calculator to See What Cost Savings You Can Expect

Find out how much your manufacturing organization could save by fully digitizing and automating your production processes with MasterControl’s modern MES software solution. Fill out our manufacturing ROI calculator below.

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*Cost savings are preliminary estimates based on a limited data set and average savings multiples. They do not represent a guaranteed or legally binding cost savings. For a more comprehensive assessment of how MasterControl Manufacturing Excellence solution can deliver labor based cost savings, schedule an ROI assessment today.

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