What Do You Do? A Short and a Long Answer

MasterControl helps regulated companies 
adopt a closed-loop quality management 
system (QMS) that greatly accelerates their 
compliance and reduces their compliance costs.

I was recently asked point-blank: What does MasterControl do? I was being interviewed for a medical device publication’s podcast, so the question was expected. Still, it forced me to mull over the company’s mission and accomplishments in the past 13 years under my leadership.

The short answer to the question is we provide quality management software to life science and other regulated companies. The long, more meaningful answer is much more than that. Our mission is to help our customers make their great products—many of them life-saving products—available to more people sooner at a lower cost and at a much higher quality. For example, we’ve helped a medical device company reduce its change control process from 60 days to six. Shorter processes as a whole means getting the device to market sooner, which in turn means sparing patients from unnecessary waiting. 

Historically we’ve focused on helping midmarket companies adopt a closed-loop quality management system (QMS) that greatly accelerates their compliance and reduces their compliance costs. Midmarket companies are often the leaders in terms of adopting technology.

As I’ve told "Medical Design and Outsourcing" (MDO) in the podcast, we would like to see smaller and bigger companies embrace the same approach and extend the same type of functionality to companies on both ends of the spectrum.

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For smaller companies, we have developed a cloud-based solution called Spark that allows them to benefit from the same robust QMS without the high cost and complexity of implementing a traditional on-premise system (1). The home run for us is to be able to allow larger companies do what these midmarket companies are doing with their QMS.

3 Things that Set MasterControl Apart

During the podcast, I was also asked what sets MasterControl apart? I believe the following things not only make us unique but they illustrate our long-term commitment to the medical device and other regulated industries.

 #1 Connected QMS: While there are many software companies that provide one or two aspects of a QMS, we provide a system that integrates all aspects of quality compliance, including document control, training management, change control, CAPA, supplier management, and audit. Our system addresses and connects all critical quality processes. It’s designed to lessen the friction and lower the cost of compliance.

 #2 In-House Experts: Our in-house experts include former product managers and engineers who have developed and launched medical devices, giving us an in-depth understanding of the industry. They provide not only software knowledge but also industry best practices, which are crucial to our customers.

 #3 Partnership with UL and other Experts: Our Quality and Compliance Consulting (QCC) team provides GxP and ISO consulting services to companies of all sizes, even those that don’t have electronic QMS and don’t use MasterControl (2).

Our partnership with organizations well-known for their expertise, such as Underwriters Laboratories (UL), helps extend our offerings and reach. So if a company needs to improve its quality processes, not necessarily its system, we can help through our consultants and partners. An organization like UL has presence throughout the world.

When I did the interview with MDO, it was to help disseminate information about our company. But it turned out to be so much more. It was an occasion to think about and to appreciate our customers and the great, life-changing products they bring to the world.

Medical Design and Outsourcing covers the technical advancements in the design, development, and contract manufacturing of medical devices and equipment. You can listen to MDO’s interview with Jon Beckstrand here

Jon Beckstrand is responsible for the overall direction and vision of MasterControl. Since his leadership began in 2002, MasterControl has enjoyed robust growth, introduced an array of new solutions, continued the company's push for innovation, and advanced its position as a leading provider of quality management software and services for regulated companies.

Over the course of his 20 years in the software industry, Jon has served on the executive team of a midmarket financial services focused software provider and advised software and IT companies on company strategy and mergers and acquisitions as part of a team at KPMG in Chicago and Silicon Valley. A CPA/attorney, he received a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Utah and a law degree from Brigham Young University. 

1. To read more about MasterControl Spark, go to:

2. You can read more about QCC here: