Clinical Trial Software

Clinical Trial Software

Streamlined management of clinical trial data and tasks. Maximum connectivity and reuse of clinical study information. MasterControl can make it happen.

Study information. Documents. Tasks. Sites. Collaborations. The wide-ranging list of components that must be administered and maintained throughout the course of a clinical trial goes on forever. And the task of managing and controlling them all is monumental. With MasterControl, you can seamlessly connect clinical study data and effectively link all the documents and artifacts that make up your electronic trial master file (eTMF) — all on a single platform.

MasterControl Clinical Excellence™ Solution Overview

Achieve clinical mastery. Collect and connect data in a single system.


Integrated Study Management


Robust eTMF Management


Consolidated Clinical and Quality


Complete GCP Document and Training Management

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The Ideal Foundation for TMF Management Excellence

Our eTMF software is based on the Drug Information Association (DIA) TMF Reference Model. This industry standard configuration is combined with MasterControl's process management excellence so you can see all TMF activities in real-time. The free Excel-formatted TMF checklist – based on the TMF Reference Model – outlines the way MasterControl helps users collect and manage TMF documents.


Seamlessly Integrated Quality and Clinical Operations

When clinical and quality functions work together, outcomes improve dramatically. Our clinical solutions link perfectly with the MasterControl Product Lifecycle Excellence platform. This unity lets you embed quality processes directly into your clinical trials. With our holistic solutions, you have all the tools you need to effectively manage risk and ensure GCP compliance. 

Keep your vital clinical data connected.

Harmonize all the documents and artifacts that comprise your TMF in one robust system.

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